4 Steps to Improve Teacher and Student Relationship

Developing good relations with the professors is a key factor to a student’s success in studying. It is also important to maintain friendly communication with your instructors, so that you could perceive them as real mentors. Furthermore, effective communication between a student and a professor makes both parties benefit from such a relationship. Learn how to improve your communication with a professor by following these relationship building techniques.

1.Develop good relationship with a professor you respect

You should understand that building a strong relationship is only possible if there is mutual respect between the parties. The professor must not only be renowned for his/her contribution to a certain field of study, but also be respected among his/her colleagues and students.

2.Enhance the relationship with the professor whose subject interests you

If you create a good relationship with an instructor whose field of study makes you curios, you will significantly benefit from such a communication. For instance, the professor may guide your college life, write recommendation letters and help with finding a job after graduation.

3.Use the professor’s office hours with benefit

Students are allowed to communicate with their professors regarding study matters during their office hours. Use your social skills to persuade the instructor in your genuine interest in his/her subject. This will be a good start for your strong relationship.

4.Follow up

Effective relationship building also includes maintaining positive relationship. So, stay in touch with your professor and communicate with him/her from time to time. Although your college life may be really busy, find a free minute to send an email to your instructor asking a question or seeking an advice in studying.

Now you realize that maintaining effective communication with your professors is a necessity if you want to be a successful student. Use your social skills and this guide to build strong and long-lasting relationship with your instructors.