5 Fashion Movies for Fashion Lovers

Every fashion-monger watches fashion movies looking for inspiration. Sometimes, fashion films even bring more pleasure than shopping. If you are also among those who like hunting for the actors’ style, you should definitely watch these fashion movies.

Best fashion films

1. The Devil Wears Prada

You have probably already heard about this popular movie. It is based on Lauren Weisberger’s experience of being an employee in the Vogue magazine. That’s already a persuading fact to choose this film among others and watch on Netflix.

2. The September Issue

This documentary portrays Anna Wintour, who used to be the chief editor of the Vogue magazine. September is a busy period for the heroine, since she has to prepare many fashion shows. Watch how she manages it! Also, Anna Wintour’s glossy style will certainly keep many fashion lovers on the edges of their seats.

3. The Intern

The movie tells about Ben Whittaker who is already retired, but he cannot just enjoy the benefits of his age. Instead, he gets employed as an intern in a small fashion company. This movie combines both fashion and outstanding humor.

4. Coco Before Chanel

This movie is definitely one of the best fashion films about Coco Chanel’s story of success. In spite of the flow of time, she is still admired by many. Watch on Netflix the incredible rise of Coco Chanel’s fashion empire.

5. Funny Face

The fans of Audrey Hepburn cannot leave this fashion film behind. Released in 1957, this musical portrays the adventures of a model in Paris. The charm of the main actress and her glamorous style of the 1950s’ will certainly make you fascinated.

These were five fashion films for a perfect movies night. Call your girlfriends, buy some snacks and have a wonderful time watching movies together!