Awesome Working with Children Jobs

If you are an absolute fan of rewarding jobs in a bustling with activity environment with no spare minute, you have to consider positions related to working with kids. In the list below, we’ve highlighted a few quite popular of such careers as well as some of those which will be unexpected for you.

Best Working with Children Offers

1. Teacher
This is one of the career suggestions that first come to mind when thinking about working with kids. This career choice requires unparalleled dedication, patience, open-mindedness, and flexibility. However, for those who choose to pursue it, it becomes a labor of love.

Requirements. To become a teacher, you have to hold a bachelor’s degree, preferably in the sphere of education. For secondary school teachers, a degree in the major they will teach is also required. If you decide to obtain any high-level degree, your salary will be accordingly increased.

2. Camp director
There are also brilliant job opportunities for people who think they have never really grown up. Camp director is one of such career suggestions. Your days will be full of camp activities, games, and fun. Your responsibilities will include planning, communicating with parents, and managing other cam personnel.

Requirements. In some cases, camp directors need to have a bachelor’s degree, although not necessarily. As it is often a part-time or seasonal job, the requirements vary.

3. Librarian. You would ask whether this job is related to children at all. Our answer would be yes, because in many libraries, librarians read interesting stories for kids! So, if you love both children and books, this is your perfect choice.

Requirements. University or public libraries would expect you to hold a master’s degree in library science. In some cases, a teacher’s certificate will suffice.

4. Day care owner . You may take care of kids either in a care center or at home. Many working parents trust their kids to day care professionals. Your responsibilities will include taking care of children as well as managing the whole business. So, you will be in charge of your employees and their salary, supplies, etc.

Requirements. Again, it depends on the state, but most often, you will be required to hold a bachelor’s degree in child psychology or education. Also, some states ask you to have a specific certificate.

5. Child psychologist. You can work either in a school or solo. In case you choose the first option, you will be a student’s counselor; otherwise, you will be providing family counseling. Either way, your primary responsibility will be observing and analyzing children’s behavior.

Requirements. Your education needs to be extensive starting from a bachelor’s degree with the following doctorate program.

These were five great options for people who prefer working with kids. Other options may be: coaches, speech language pathologists, pediatric nurses, juvenile justice attorneys, etc. Although the requirements are strict, all of them can be met as long as you have dedication and inspiration.