Career Development Plan

Is career planning steps important when you already have a job with a decent salary? The answer is certainly positive. Professional growth is crucial for any employee considering the fact that sooner or later, everyone wants to have a better job position. Besides, the development and growth needs of employees usually come as a priority in many workplaces.

A career development plan is beneficial both for employers and employees. It focuses on the employees’ career development goals that can be achieved with the assistance of the organization. Providing such conditions is helpful in terms of having a better-qualified worker. Furthermore, it gives the company a good reputation because it cares about the professional growth of its employees.

Career Planning Steps

1. Talk to your employee in person.

It is important for both sides to be on the same wavelength. The employer should be interested in the plans and hopes of his/her workers and the employees should clearly have some expectations. Moreover, it is recommended to discuss the career progress and how one’s career can be unfolded in the company.

2. Be prepared for various types of questions.

Before the discussion of the concerning points, think of the questions the employee will probably ask and prepare clear answers. Take into account support and resources the organization is ready to provide and personal goals the employee might need to improve or develop in order to meet the expectations of the company.

3. Be flexible.

The employee may also want to discuss some other aspects than you have been prepared for. Be able to deal with a situation that is changing and try to provide answers. As a manager, you might also need to mentor or coach particular employee’s skills.

4. Show resources.

Employees usually believe that professional development cannot do without taking classes. This is an absolutely limited vision since there are plenty of available options an organization can provide. Suggest turning to Human Recourses for additional input.

For career development planning, it is useful to expand your view of professional development and growth. Both employers and employees should be aware of other ways to develop and grow than a training class. Keep in mind that in-house training is often more advantageous and effective.

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