Fall Vacation Destinations: Three Reasons Why We Love Autumn in Italy

Many people dream to travel to Italy for various reasons: to enjoy its scenery and the fashion or taste the national cuisine and wine. While the country has something unique to offer during any season, we think that Italy is particularly splendid to visit in the fall: the summer crowds of tourists gradually disappear, the Italians return home from their holidays, the heat slowly fades away, the air fares begin to drop, and the leaves change their color in the countryside. So, read this article and see some of the most vivid reasons why it makes sense to plan your off-season trip to Italy!

Italy in the Fall

1. Fewer Tourist Crowds

Although the most popular time of the year to visit Italy is summer, it has some downsides: it all comes at a cost: your favorite destinations are incredibly crowded, the temperatures are high, and the humidity at some sightseeing tours may be unpleasant. You escape all these downsides of the peak season if you visit Italy in autumn. Of course, you will never see Italy tourist-free as this is one of the most popular destinations worldwide. However, you can surely enjoy less time waiting in lines to see some attractions or landmarks and spend less money on air fares, accommodation, and food.

2. Celebrate the Harvest

For hundreds of years, the fall has been not only the time of yielding the harvest but also celebrating this festive event. Harvest season alone is one of the best reasons to visit Italy in autumn. Why not visit Tuscany or Umbria vineyards for wine-testing? You can roam the tour on your own or book an organized tour to your liking!

3. Marvel at the splendid colors

Try to escape the cities and enjoy the splendid colors of the season. You can explore some classical adventures in Italy, such hiking in the Apennines in le Marche, Umbria or Abruzzo. If you prefer to say in cities, consider visiting places such as the Appian Way in Rome, Milano’s Parco Sempione, the gorgeous Boghese Garde, Florence’s Boboli Garden. The trees usually show the best of their colors in October, but you can also see the change from September through November. The beauty of the beach and the glory of the mountains are also some of the noteworthy reasons to visit Italy in the fall.

Whichever autumn activities you prefer, Italy has got it all – be it a luxurious or budget trip. Just choose your destinations, plan ahead, and enjoy the prices fall while making your dreams come true!