Fun Ideas for Summer 2017

What do you do for fun in summer? Simply lie on the beach, drink cool cocktails, and party all night? If you are already tired of these activities that repeat every summer, we are ready to present you several fresh ideas of how to spend your summer break.

Summer vacation ideas

1. Throw away the remains of the last year

Prepare for a fresh start of your summer break and get rid of the stuff you will not need during summer holidays, such as your homework, old studying materials, and clumsy sweaters.

2. Have some fun outdoors

There are a lot of ways you can entertain yourself outdoors. Consider these activities:

  • Hiking. Call your friend and have a walk to some long destination. Think of a place you have always wanted to visit and start your journey.
  • Camping. If you are lucky to have a guitar, take it with you. There is nothing more fun than singing old hits around the campfire, spending a night in a tent, and watching stars at a summer night.
  • Gardening. You can try to grow fresh fruits or vegetables on your own and take care of them during summer. If you are keen on cooking, you can welcome your guests and let them try the meals prepared from the home-grown products.​

3. Think of indoor fun

When it is rainy or you are too tired to go outside, think of the ways you can entertain yourself at home:

  • Watch popular movies. There is an abundance of interesting films to watch on Netflix.
  • Listen to songs. Music will always help you relax after a long and tiring day.
  • Hang out with your friends. Find interesting board games and play them together.

With these summer activities your holidays will never be boring. Now what will you do for fun during summer 2017? Right! You will be following our pieces of advice.