Getting Ready for College

Check these 8 simple tips for getting ready for college and you will enjoy college life. Is pretty much exciting!

1. Stop worrying about how to make new friends.

Undoubtedly, life in college is a kind of a tabula rasa – you start a new chapter of life. However, do not worry so much that you will end up alone. All new students find themselves in the same situation. However, when attending classes, extracurricular activities, going to the libraries, and chatting with your roommate in the evening will be definitely the first steps towards developing a lifelong friendship.

2. Do not get overly obsessed with luggage.

While preparing for college, you will need to bring pillows, a blanket, your laptop or a PC, but it’s not a big deal if you forget some clothes or shoes. Besides, before deciding to bring a fridge or a microwave, inquire whether there is one in the dorms.

3. Break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend if they are a kind of burden to you.

University prep is about leaving all the unnecessary stuff behind, including troubled relationships. If you have a bf/gf in your hometown, you will surely miss him/her, which will distract your attention from studying. Relationship over distance is not a good idea, especially if you are a fresher. Therefore, it is a good idea to break up.

4. Lower your (s)expectations.

Freshers think that college life is all about sex. However, it’s not true in reality. Do not expect that your life in college will hardly resemble that of American Pie main characters.

5. Don’t worry if drinking/smoking is not your thing.

You have probably seen numerous movies or TV series about college life, where students are involved in partying, drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. Do not be afraid (or, on the contrary over-excited) about that. Usually, real life is quite different from movies J

6. Make a rough financial plan.

When preparing for college, keep in mind that you will be responsible for your own expenditures. Figure out how much money you will need for tuition fees, your daily expenses, etc. Can your parents afford to support you? Or, probably, you will need to think about some part-time job in the summer?

7. Don’t spend money on brand clothing.

University prep is closely connected with fitting in and being accepted into a social group. However, you are mistaken if you think that expensive brand clothes will help you make friends.

8. Forget about your life and image in high school.

Upon entering the college, nobody is aware of your previous achievements. Therefore, don’t be shocked if you fall behind at some disciplines. The same concerns your ability to socialize. You might have been a bluestocking at school, but at college, you might become the center of attention.

Life in college is pretty much exciting! Enjoy it!

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