Great Selection of On-Campus Jobs for Students

Having a campus job is really beneficial for the students who seek employment. It brings some precious experience into your life, as well as income. If you are interested in on-campus student employment, we have selected the best work opportunities for you.

On-campus student job search

1. Website manager

Every higher education establishment that values its significance should have its own website. If you are skilled enough to operate a web page, the vacancy of a website manager will be the best option. Moreover, your contribution to website development will greatly be appreciated by college authorities.

2. Tour guide

If you know the history of your college well enough to persuade other people that studying here is the best choice in their lives, you should try working as a tour guide. Continuous walking, communication and making jokes will also be an important part of your daily responsibilities.

3. Library assistant

Library is probably the most significant place in your college. Even if the students prefer reading books and doing researches in their dorm rooms, the library is the place of solitude and silence that are important for effective studying. If you are seeking for the least stressful campus job, working as a library assistant will be a great pleasure for you.

4. Alumni center

With the help of an alumni center, your college keeps in touch with former students, informs them about significant events, and asks for donations. Although the job is quite stressful, you will be able to contribute to your college development if you succeed in raising money for charity.

5. Resident assistant

If you are a leader, this job will be a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills. The responsibilities of a resident assistant include providing assistance for students that live in a dorm. If something needs repair or is broke, be ready to help.

If you are looking for student employment, we suggest that you choose one of the work opportunities from the list. Remember that only on-campus jobs will provide you with valuable experience that cannot be obtained when working in the other places.