Guide to Getting a Job with No Experience: 5 Tips

Life after college terrifies many young people. After all, the price of living is ridiculously high, and if you don’t want to move back into your parents’ basement, you have some job hunting to do. Here are some helpful job searching tips for those of us who are just starting their careers.

  • Experience can mean many things

Looking at real life job postings can be depressing as all of them demand at least some experience. Two things are important to remember here. First, even your summer gig as a server can be useful if framed the right way. Second, any of your extracurricular activities can be used to your advantage in life after college.

  • Take risks

Companies can rarely find a candidate satisfying their every requirement. That is why, even if you’re not perfect for the job, you should apply. You will get invaluable interview and recruitment experience, and they just might say yes. Then, your job searching will be over and you’ll get a position you dared not hope for!

  • Show a desire to learn

In real life, people with experience also come with demands, set attitudes and opinions. This can be used to your advantage as it is easier to teach a person than to make him/her change their ways. Show that you are smart and hungry for knowledge during the interview and you might be chosen over veteran employees. \"\"

  • Look your best

A big part of any successful job hunting is first impressions. If you look like an employee of the company, recruiters are more likely to visualize you this way. Also, don’t be rude. Everyone deserves to be treated nicely: not only your future superiors but the low-level staff as well.

  • Keep your manner pleasant

No one wants to hire a bore or someone who spaces out all the time. Smile, joke, and ask an appropriate amount of questions. Be the best version of yourself. Even if this involves a bit of acting on your part, the aim is to get your dream job, so it is worth it!

Generally, getting a job is much simpler that one may expect. You just have to put yourself out there again and again until someone believes in you and your skills enough to offer a position.