Making Friends in College Can Be Easy

For many students, it is psychologically hard to get used to the new mode of life, especially when their closest and dearest people are far away. If you are one of these students, read this article and find out how to make friends at college.

College is definitely regarded as a new page of one’s life. It is a kind of transitional period from carefree high school life to independence and adulthood.

Friendship Tips

1. Do not be overly obsessed with making friends

If you are having a fixed idea of where to meet new friends, it is high time for you to calm down. It is quite common if people do not have many friends. All in all, you should have some personal space and time for yourself. But, if you tend to panic, when you go to the canteen or girls’ room alone, then the problem lies in your way of thinking, which you should probably change.

2. Don’t look up to the coolest students in college

If you compare yourself with the coolest and most popular guys in college and cannot get rid of a thought “I wish that I could be like those cool fellows…,” stop doing that immediately! If you are not with them now, then you are simply the other kind of person. And it is perfectly normal not to behave like others. If you spend time following them on Facebook, Instagram, etc., you will end up depressed. Look around! There are numerous students around you who are looking for friends just as you do.

3. Find friends with common hobbies or interests

It is always easy to get acquainted with someone if you share common interests and are on the same wavelength. Therefore, find out more about people with whom you attend the same classes or clubs.

4. You may make friends not only on campus

If you think that campus is the only place where you could make friends, you are totally wrong. You will probably be interested in some volunteering, a part-time job, sports clubs or other activities. These places are really perfect for making new acquaintances.

5. Expand your circle of friends

If you have some friends who do not know each other, it is high time to bring them together for a night out. If these friends of yours come with their friends as well, you will get acquainted with other people, and, who knows, maybe some of them will become you soul mates as well?

6. Simply be nice

Whenever you meet new people, leave your sarcasm and arrogance at home and simply be nice to them. Such qualities are really appreciated, especially when you meet a person for the first time.

7. Work on your social skills

If you think that learning and improving social skills is a waste of time, then it is no wonder that you still do not have friends in college. Making friends is not about attending a friendship club but about your ability to communicate.

I hope that the pieces of advice mentioned above will help you in your urge to make friends. Good luck!

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