Most Beautiful Places In Japan

Japan is full of places to visit, to shot a picture, and make a fun selfie. However, you are probably unaware of some quite spectacular places in Japan, which are also worth going to. So, we present you a guide to such nice secret places in Japan.

Japan Tourist Attractions

Mount Koya

Mount Koya is the original place of Shingon Buddhism, a religious organization that, more than 1, 200 years ago, was founded and ruled by one of the most famous spiritual leaders of Japan, Kobo Daishi. Kongobu-ji Head Temple is the main shrine of this organization and it is located on the summit of this mountain, so we suggest you staying there overnight to feel the beauty and calmness of this place.

Noto Peninsula

If you want to see the nature untouched by human hand, go to this small peninsula. You can enjoy its coastlines, small and nice villages, and quite real sounds of wild nature: there are only 30, 000 inhabitants there.

Shikoku Island

It is one of the largest Japanese islands and one of the most inspirational places ever. This noise-free, beautiful and a kind of eternal place is worth watching and feeling.

Kiso Valley

This value is connected to the routes leading to Tokyo and Kyoto, so it is a perfect place for hiking. Many people choose to visit this valley. Its unusual landscapes can inspire anyone, so if you want to feel the spirit of Japan’s wild ages, cross this valley with the hiking rucksack on your back.


It is a nice island with pleasant and picturesque coastlines, clean water, and amazing olive gardens. If you are to take a calm and silent resort relaxation, you definitely need to go there.

Matsumoto Castle

The oldest wooden castle in Japan, which was built in 1504. The castle survived many wars, rebellions, and other historic adventures, so that is a unique place where you can touch the ancient spirit of Japan.

Nachi Falls

It is a 133 meters high waterfall, which is the biggest in the entire Japan. It is believed to have been existing for more than 1, 300 years, and the old shrine atop adds beauty and royalty to this waterfall. In our humble opinion, this is a top place for making stunning photos or, if you have the required skills, depicting such beauty in a sketchbook.