The Most Famous Musical Festivals in Europe

If you are a music fan and love attending different music fests, then you must read this article till the end. We offer a list of top festivals in Europe. Check it out!

Love International, Croatia

The festival starts on June 28 and lasts till July 5. The location is the Garden Tisno. When attending this festival, you will not only enjoy the greatest music ever, but also indulge in the magnificent atmosphere of the natural setting. You will get the perfect chance to admire the crystal clear water and vast sandy beaches that are shimmering under the sunshine. Besides, there are great opportunities to find a wonderful spot to have dinner (numerous cafes, restaurants, etc.).

Secret Solstice, Iceland

The prices for this outstanding performance inside of the volcano are really over-the-top. It can reach up to £1,380. However, if you are a fan of Die Antwoord and their “I fink you freaky and I like you a lot,” then you should probably save up for one of the greatest European festivals.

Edge of the Lake, Switzerland

The location is just perfect! Surrounded by vineyards and hills, you will be more delighted at enjoying the picturesque surroundings rather than one of the best festivals in Europe. Regarding the price, it will cost you £60 for the weekend including camping, so it’s pretty much affordable.

A Summer’s Tale, Germany

Apart from music performances, the festival boasts its workshops: yoga, finger knitting, Japanese tea tasting, etc. So, if you are Jack-of-all-trades, you may visit this one.

Obonjan, Croatia

Abandoned island in the Adriatic hosts this music festival, which involves fusion, partying, chill-out beach holiday, workshops, and programs in arts and music. What is great is that it has a two-months-long program and lasts from July till September.

Colors of Ostrava, Czech Republic

There are definitely no European festivals, where you can party amidst industrial ruins. When the festival takes place, the Dolní Vítkovice ironworks are transformed into an impressive festival venue.

Weather Festival, France

If you like techno and house, then this festival is a must-visit for you. The location is Le Bourget airport, and it will welcome campers that are willing to visit one of the best festivals in Europe.

Boom, Portugal

If you want to delve into the shamanic and spiritual atmosphere and enjoy some of psychedelic trance, save up and come to this festival. During the festival, some people even dress up as mythical creatures.

Primavera Sound, Spain

Over the last 15 years, the festival has transformed from a two-day event to a great party that lasts the whole five days.

Exit Festival, Serbia

Apart from entertainment, this festival has a social mission of supporting the youth in the Balkans. With such performers as Ellie Goulding, Bastille, and Wiz Khalifa, prepare to party hard under the bright sun!

Whether you are a party animal or prefer calm and relaxing events, you will find something to your taste.