Top 4 Tips on How to Find a Roommate You’ll Like

While there are many things that can define your college experience, a dorm is a place where you will have to spend a considerable amount of time. You can ignore the people in your classes if you choose to do this, but your roommate is always there, wherever you decide to come home. Most of the college dorm roommates can be unpredictable, so if you don’t want your living situation to turn into hell, you need to be civil if not friendly to them. Here are several tips on how to pick a roommate who will satisfy you.

1. Start Looking for a Roommate by Applying with a Friend

Most people just complete their dorm application by checking the automatic match up the box and hoping for the best. However, if a friend or an acquaintance you know is going to study in the same school, it might be a good idea to apply to live with him or her. After all, it is better to control the situation, instead of relying on fate and ending up with someone spectacularly awful, like those people who separate the space in the room with a police tape or stick the notes on all of their stuff.

2. Get an erase board

This is one of my top dorm life tips. You will likely have different social and academic schedules, so you won’t see each other enough to communicate some things properly. You can write down roommate rules, draw messages for each other, tell when you’d like to have guests over. It is an easy thing to do that has loads of potential benefits.

3. Create a privacy system

Even if you completely adore your roommate, sometimes some “me” time is necessary. Imagine that you need to study while your roommate is watching TV or listening to music. You can shuffle off to the library and sulk, or you can talk about the situation and choose “quiet hours” for your room. The same goes for inviting people over.

4. Determine who buys groceries

If you don’t want to feel cheated out of your food, determine who buys what and whether you even share food early on. It’s better to prevent conflict than deal with it later.

Hope that the above dorm life tips will help you in the future. Remember that your roommate is not your enemy unless you decide to treat him/her as one.