Admission Letter for Cornell’s College

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Every young person has to face the decisive moment of life when he/she should choose a certain field of knowledge, which will bring benefits and help to make the first steps to the future career. The youth became truly practical in the 21st century; we want to learn not abstract and theoretical things but something that is able to make visible changes and provide visible development for ourselves as well as for society. I am not an exception to the rule; however, I understand that theory and practice are always nearby. I have chosen such a major for myself that is based on theory but can be more noticeable in practical life than any other majors. I have chosen economics, and I am sure, it is the very path I want to take in this life.

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Generally speaking, the economys life looks like manufacturing, division, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services. Many people take the view that economics is boring because they think that it is only about money and market. Somebody manufactures something, others sell and buy the manufactured goods, and that is how the whole circle of consumption looks like. However, it is necessary to conceive of all underlying processes that are happening in economic communities and corporations every day and every minute while we are involved into the daily routine. As for me, economics seems to be an intriguing game where everything depends on the player, i.e. on myself, and strategies, developed by me. The major in economics will let me learn about great people who created the economics history, the industrial organization and, of course, the international trades past and current situations. One of the reasons why I have chosen the Cornell’s College of Art and Sciences is the possibility to initiate the contacts between economics and other fields of knowledge, for example, psychology. To specify my academic preferences, I should add that I am interested in entrepreneurship and innovation itself, and I think that psychology plays an extremely significant role in the development of business, connected with these issues. A professional entrepreneur should start from the basics of economics and continue with the attempts to connect and interrelate the present knowledge with various humanities, for example, the cited above psychology philosophy, sociology and so on. I believe that there is a strong correlation between economics and humanities because the economics life is both falling under the influence of all sides of social life (political, spiritual, scientific) and has influence on different tendencies of social life and society itself. That is why it is of genuine interest for me to take part in seminars organized by economists and psychologists, and I hope that it is just a beginning of collaboration.

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Economics provides all the necessary things for the welfare of society; therefore, this science is meaningful for the improving of the world, especially those countries, which are only developing nowadays. I would like to work out some innovations for the economics of those countries to let them find their place on the international economic scene. I am sure that it will be possible after my graduation from the Cornell’s College of Art and Sciences. I would like to learn as much as possible because every new college subject and even every new book move me closer to the success. High level of motivation and optimism are the things that make me believe in my power to become a professional.

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