Sexual Policy and Human Rights

The sample offers an insightful and comprehensive analysis of the intricate relationship between sexual policy and human rights. By examining various perspectives, theories, and case studies, the page facilitates a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics involved in shaping sexual policy and its implications for human rights worldwide.

Macintyre, A. K., Montero Vega, A. K., & Sagbakken, M. (2015). “Sexuality? A million things come to mind”: Reflections on gender and sexuality by Chilean adolescents. Reproductive Health Matters, 23(46), 85–95.


The article analyzes the sexual politics in Chile and its implications for understanding the problems of sexuality among modern young people. It shows how greatly the understanding of sexuality has changed in the post-exposure period. The changes were not easily adopted among conservative Chileans; it was difficult to even discuss how important it is to raise the problems of sexuality in modern society. The analysis focuses on adolescents’ discourse on gender, sex, and opportunities to talk about these topics in various circles of society (in family, at school, with peers). The authors of the article conducted a comprehensive study using the method of interviewing young men and women in different educational institutions in order to understand how the problem of sexuality have transformed in Chile since about the year 2000. This research method led to the conclusion that the globalization and media development very much increased the awareness of the problems of sexuality in Chilean society. This is especially true for the discourses about gender equality, non-discrimination on the basis of sex, and awareness of sexual rights in the society. This is reflected in a number of laws enacted in Chile over the past decades that aim to equalize the rights of people, to free women from criminal prosecution for abortion and to enable everyone to feel their natural sexuality as something that will not be condemned by the society.

Keywords: male, female, sexuality, sexual politics, gender.

Sexual Policy and Human Rights

The problem of sexuality is one of the most complex and controversial ones because its study involves the participation of many sciences, including psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and mathematics. For example, mathematical calculations are carried out during the questioning and interviewing of people who are asked about their sexual practices. The authors of the article rightly say that those who underestimate the problems of human sexuality do not fully understand the meaning of the problem itself. One must agree with the fundamental idea of the authors stating that “sexual rights are intrinsically linked to social politics” (Macintyre, Montero, & Sagbakken 2015, p. 86). Therefore, the main problem addressed by the authors is not a local one but the one that has a deeper perspective. What is important, the authors conduct interviews with students and adolescents in order to understand how the problems of sexuality are understood not just as the problems of individuals, men or women, but the society as a whole. It must be said that this strategic approach leads the authors to an effective result. They not only recognize sexual issues in society but also see their complex nature, connection with the social structure of society, as well as certain ethical and religious norms. At the same time, the wrong sex education leads to more complex problems. The medical literature rightly states, “Findings highlight the role that mental health problems – some of them not commonly associated with the onset of sexual activity – may play in a youth’s decision to have sex” (Sanchez, Grogan-Kaylor, Caballero, & Delva, 2010, p. 267). Therefore, working with adolescents’ sex education is very important here. It is also striking that the intelligently and carefully formulated questions allowed the survey participants to be frank. Many of them, for example, admitted that there is a stereotype in society, according to which boys are less responsible for sexual relations, and that they treat them lightly, not being always aware of their responsibility in them. In addition, they easily share their experience with their peers and even joke about it. Meanwhile, there are still many taboos for girls; for example, they rarely share their impressions and hide their sexuality. Especially important is the gradual rethinking of the stereotypes about a man who presents himself as a macho with a dominant type of behavior, and a girl as a lady who must very strictly regulate her behavior, never share her thoughts about sex, and be as restrained as possible. These stereotypes only aggravate the problems.

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From the article, one can learn some very important aspects of adolescents’ behavior related to their sexual education. Especially valuable here is the information about sexuality that can be learnt in the family and at school. A proper understanding of the problems that society faces makes it possible to avoid many mistakes in sex education. First, it is very important that the community speaks about it, and this linguistic side can be decisive. L. Erez rightly says that special efforts must “examine linguistic practice as a way of understanding the ways in which people imagine their worlds and their places within them” (Erez, 2010, p. 160). This outlines two very important issues that relate to each individual, their families and society as a whole. First, it is a question of how frankly and sincerely the adolescents answered the questions posed. Were these answers independent or were they guided by other sources (e.g., the media, where such issues could be discussed)? In other words, the level of honesty is an important criterion that helps properly address the problems of sexuality in society. Another very important question is how accurate people understand each other when they talk about sexual health, sex education, and sexuality. In different countries, depending on religious beliefs, there can be a variety of answers to these questions. The sexual policy in society, the goals, and objectives of sex education will largely depend on these factors. The situation in Chile is complicated by the fact that the Internet and television provide a huge array of information, which the supporters of conservative views often do not like. However, erotic music, pornographic sites, and other pornographic content have become globally widespread. The situation can be improved by a correct and balanced discussion of these topics with specialists in the family and educational institutions. As a rule, students of schools and colleges are very receptive to such information.

The approach presented in the article helps to understand the very important causes of certain sexual problems that are concealed. In addition, it tells about the gradual abandonment of a conservative and outdated view of sexuality, such as the one in Chile. It is necessary to conduct sex education correctly and consistently, understanding its complex nature. The point is that the problems of sexuality are not only the subjects of discussions, but also parts of the official state policy, which provides for the influence of the media, school education, and family education. A well-organized sexual policy can make positive changes to the country’s legislative system.

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