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Distribution decisions are very important decisions for companies, they represent a long term decision that can affect the success of a product.

Explain why distribution decisions are important decisions and why it is a long term decision.

Compare and contrast the following retailers : Walmart, Aldi , Trader Joe’s , and Publix.

Based on your comparison what would you do differently to adjust to the competitive environment ( what kind of decisions would you take considering the new generation (generation Z and millennial).

Choose a product and explain its distribution ( Push vs Pull ) and intensive, exclusive or selective strategy. Do you agree on the strategy, or do you think there should be changes?

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To correctly approach and execute this assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Understanding Distribution Decisions: Start off by explaining what distribution decisions are and their significance to companies. Discuss how they affect various aspects of a business, such as its market reach, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability. Explain why these decisions are long-term, considering factors like the establishment of distribution channels, contracts with suppliers and distributors, and the associated costs and infrastructure.
  2. Retailer Comparison: Next, undertake an analysis of the retailers Walmart, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, and Publix. Compare and contrast their distribution strategies, considering their target markets, product range, pricing strategies, and branding. Look at their geographical reach, supply chain management, store locations, and online presence.
  3. Adjustments for Competitive Environment: Reflect on how these retailers can better adapt to the competitive environment and cater to newer generations like Generation Z and millennials.
  4. Consider aspects such as online shopping, sustainability, product range, pricing, and convenience. Come up with recommendations for what you believe they should do differently.
  5. Product Distribution Strategy: Choose a specific product and discuss its distribution strategy. Is it a push or pull strategy? Is it intensively, selectively, or exclusively distributed?
  6. Evaluate the chosen strategy, considering the nature of the product, its market, and the company’s overall objectives.
  7. Proposed Changes: Finally, propose changes to the distribution strategy if you believe it’s necessary. Explain your reasoning and highlight how these changes would benefit the product’s market presence and the company’s profitability.

Remember, while performing your analysis, be sure to support your arguments with relevant business theories, real-world examples, and credible sources. This will strengthen your arguments and show your understanding of the topic.

Once you’ve written your response, review it for clarity, logical flow, grammar, and punctuation. Make sure you’ve answered all parts of the prompt and that your arguments are cohesive and well-structured.

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