Business Communication Assignments

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Business Communication Assignment 1

Answer the following questions:

  • Who is responsible for implementing and monitoring business ethics?
  • How can you ensure the independence of the business ethics officer(s)?
  • What are the challenges to people voicing ethical concerns within the business?
  • Who decides what is ethical or not for the business?

Business Communication Assignment 2

Part 1

Identify a recent news article and complete the following:

Identify the company involved

Summarize the challenge faced by the organization

Rank the concern using the “Problem Framing Matrix.”

The Problem Framing Matrix is like the “Eisenhower Decision-making Matrix.”

Summarize the possible impact on the company’s reputation or success in each of the following contexts of the framework (A brief statement for each): PESTLE

Part 2
Based on your analysis of the company or organization you selected in Part 1, determine and explain whether you recommend internal or external or both internal and external communications to address the challenge.

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