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Communications and Media Assignment 1. Campaign: Back to School

Back to School is one of the important periods of the academic year for Emirates Schools Establishment. It’s when schools prepare to welcome students and staff back into a new academic year and that entails many behind the scenes planning and preparations on every front, including:

Facilities/school buildings readiness

Health & safety


Teacher’s training

School registrations/move challenges

Back to school activities


Put together a digital comms campaign for Back To School to facilitate the communication of all the above elements, raise awareness of important pieces of info and engage target audience, identifying:

Main strategy and messages

Plan for content throughout the campaign (example: if campaign contains 3 phases: pre-launch, launch, post-launch; please provide a simple plan for what content goes on which channels with content focus at each phase. (Content like: posts, stories, videos, interviews, articles, etc…….)

Communications and Media Assignment 2

Analysis of current literature in the student’s field.

You must submit ONE of the following:

  • An annotated Bibliography:

    A summary and evaluation of 3 academic sources. Students should briefly discuss the content of each source and how it relates to key themes within the student’s field of study.

  • A review of a journal article OR chapter within an edited collection:

    An overview and analysis of a recent journal article / edited collection chapter, relevant to the student’s field of study. Students should discuss the content of the article – summarising the aims, key points / findings, and conclusions presented by the author(s). Students should also offer an analysis of the article, evaluating the utility of the research conducted, highlighting oversights or limitations, and linking the text to wider academic discussion.

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