Computer Sciences Technology and IT Assignments

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Computer Sciences Technology Assignment 1

Identify three trends and one important emerging issue within Systems Engineering; discuss each trend and include in-text-citation and references. Identify an issue and explore its impact on the industry.

Computer Sciences Technology Assignment 2

The goal of this project is to bring many of the strands together, in a grounded, real-world situation/scenario and which fully explores the potential and nature of connectedness.
The focus will be on ‘ecosystems’ of interacting internet appliances. You are going to consider how several different devices can work together to solve a shared problem.

What does an ‘ecosystem’ of IoT devices mean? Let’s use the analogy of cooking. To make a meal, we don’t just use one ‘thing’; we use a series of ‘things’ together. To cook our dinner, we need our fridge to store and keep the food fresh, a knife to chop, and a cutting board to prepare on, a tin opener, a saucepan, an oven, etc. All of these things work together to help us achieve the overall goal. Each of them has a specific function within the overall task. The same is true of the Internet of Things; real-world problems are complex, and often require a series of complementary devices or interacting systems that work with one another to achieve the desired outcome.

Do some research and then some brainstorming and develop a future IoT concept for a major industry of your choice. You are to imagine a scenario that could feasibly exist in 5 years’ time. This should include a vision for an ecosystem of interacting connected products. This ecosystem would solve a problem, enhance the experience of your selected industry (or any aspect of it), or just make day-to-day life activity easier.

You will need to develop (in theory) two to three device ideas that illustrate this concept and that interact with one another to support your problem or experience from item one. You must explain what they do and how they work together with each other.
Submit your proposal in well-formed sentences and paragraphs. Cite any sources used.

Computer Sciences Technology Assignment 3

  1. Select a recent case study (last 5 years) where a major security breach happened to a company. In 100 words or more, describe the security breach, what happened, how much was lost, etc.
  2. Describe the consequences that the company had to face because of the breach. (50 + words)
  3. What did the company do to rectify the breach including public relations. (50+ words)
  4. What could the company have done to prevent the breach in the first place? (100+ words)

IT Assignment 4

Topic: The potential impact of cybercrime on the economy

What are the most serious future issues to be concerned with about the topic? (250 – 350 Words)

IT Assignment 5

Research the speculations on where the state-of-the-art will be in the near future for cloud networking technologies. Include a description of the state-of-the-art in the technology, a discussion of where the sources that you read believe the technology is heading in the near future, and a discussion of how this technology will affect the choices you would make if you were making purchase recommendations for a client. There is room for personal opinion in your paper, you must justify your conclusions.

Information Assurance

Locate an article that discusses assessing security risk. This article should come from a scholarly journal or a conference proceeding, and must be no more than 1 year old.

Write a 1-page critical evaluation of the article.

Include 3–5 key points that you thought were important.

All of the key points should be written in your own words, and the article must be properly cited using APA style.

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