Economics Assignments

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Economics Assignment 1

Using relevant academic literature and empirical studies, you will compare and contrast the economic conditions of the late 1920s–early 1930s Great Depression and the 2007–2009 U.S. recession by analyzing governmental, financial, and public institutional reactions then and now. This comparison will require a research-based analysis of interest to an audience of colleagues unfamiliar with the discipline of economics.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

  • Determine how economics concepts, variables, and tools influence business decision-making in various contexts
  • Analyze how institutions and political policies have affected economic theory and how changes to economic theories and tools have been integrated into other disciplines and public policy
  • Evaluate limits to economic theories and models, as well as recent efforts to improve economic models, analysis, and forecasting for economic decision-making
  • Illustrate the influence of economic thinking on organizational structure by determining how aligning financial, monetary, and performance incentives with decision rights may support corporate goals and efficiency
  • Analyze how quantitative analysis and the use of graphs, equations, and models is a key foundation for the study of economics

The following critical elements must be addressed in your submission:

Analyze relevant scholarly economic research into the two events (Great Depression and the 2007–2009 U.S. recession) and the impact on institutions, public policies, and regulations during these timeframes.

Comparison of Events: What was the extent of economic decline in each of the two events? Discuss in terms of GDP, unemployment, and other major economic variables.

Government Reactions: Compare changes in the government reactions to the initial shocks to the economy and the initial adjustments to the regulation of business and financial institutions.

Effects on Business Decision-Making: Compare the effects of the shocks on the economy to business decision-making in the public sphere during the relevant time periods.

Analyze the influences of changing economic conditions on economic thinking historically and today.

Economic Models: How did the nature of economic models and their use in policy making change during these time periods?

Forecasting: What were some of the forecasting limitations or successes during these time periods?

Quantitative Analysis: Support your analysis using appropriate tables, graphs, equations, and/or models. Discuss how quantitative analysis and quantitative models are important to the analysis of your chosen economic theories.

Discuss the role of economic thinking in the nature of business organization. In particular, discuss the “agency problem,” principal-agent problem, and moral hazard. Describe ways they may have contributed to corporate behaviors that influenced economic problems during the recession. Include an analysis of executive managerial incentive structures.

Provide a summary of how your analysis can inform business practices, public policy, and/or other disciplines of study.

Economics Assignment 2

How does international migration influence the effect of population aging on economic growth?

Write an essay that comprises of, but is not limited to, five main sections as in a thesis or academic writing:

  1. Introduction that highlights the problem statements/issues of interest.
  2. To review past studies related to the topic chosen.
  3. To construct regression model suitable for rigorous statistical analyses.
  4. To perform data analyses using statistical software and interpret research findings in the form of descriptive and inferential statistics.
  5. To provide suggestions to policymakers based on your research findings.
    • Rigorous statistical analyses using panel data econometric method are required in writing this essay.

Economic strategy

Please answer each of the following 3 questions (they are equally weighted):

Discuss how firms need to modify their business models to reach customers at the base-of-the-pyramid.

Discuss what kind of considerations a firm should have when deciding upon which type of entry mode to adopt for entering emerging markets.

Discuss the main kinds of risks that firms generally face when operating on emerging markets, and which measures they can take to mitigate these risks.

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