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Education Assignment 1

Write a research paper about autism and then design a case study of a child with autism. The paper should be 8 pages in length excluding the title page and reference page and should include an initial section of overview information and then a section about the case study. While some candidates may have access to a child to use for the case study, the majority of candidates will be asked to create a hypothetical “textbook” case study meaning a case study whose characteristics are backed up by the research on the disorder. The report must include the following:

Research the disorder with a minimum of 5 sources.

Overview – Discuss the following factors as they are related to a specific disability:

Definition and description of disorder.

The causes, diagnostic tools and treatments associated with the disorder.

Developmental milestones of children with this disability as compared to children without this disability. Focus on milestones within these areas: Sensory, motor, social-behavioral, cognitive, language, speech.

Case Study – Educational program specifically addressing your case study:

Family History and cultural background of the case study.

How does this disability impact a student’s educational needs?

What are the student’s strengths, interests and protective factors?

What learning style may best suit this child, what classroom accommodations and modifications should the teacher use to support the student’s needs?

What should we expect regarding testing modifications or related services.

Social/ Behavioral needs specifically addressing your case study.

How might this disability affect relationships in the home and school?

What strategies should be in place to support this child’s behavior, self-esteem and friendship?

Education Assignment 2

A philosophy is a statement regarding your beliefs and values about inclusive education. A version of this statement is often required as part of the application process to obtain employment as a teacher. Examining one’s personal philosophy of education encourages purposeful growth in the profession.

Create a 750-1,000 word draft of your inclusive education philosophy. Include statements regarding your beliefs and values for each of the following:

  • The purpose of inclusive education.
  • Your personal vision of meeting the learning needs of students with and without special needs using standards-based instruction.
  • How some of the ethical frameworks and professional practice standards you have examined will guide your professional inclusive practices in the classroom.
  • The role of the teacher as a leader and advocate for children with and without exceptionalities.
  • The types of resources teachers should seek to continually deepen their understanding of cultural, ethnic, gender, and learning differences among their students.
  • The types of professional activities or learning communities that would best facilitate lifelong learning, and why continuous growth and development is beneficial.

Education Assignment 3

Coaching Implementation Plan – answer as best you can.
What do you wish for your coaching?

What are the beneficial outcomes you expect to see for yourself and your students?

What obstacles must you overcome to be successful?

1. After you have listed your own, here are some of the obstacles that others have encountered. Delete any that do not apply and add the rest to your list above.

  1. I don’t have control over my due dates
  2. Coaching will take too much time
  3. Students will take advantage of me and turn in shoddy work the first time
  4. I may not be convinced of the value of coaching

Write your plan to achieve your wish. Specify what actions you will take and when, how you will overcome your obstacles, and how you will validate/improve your skill development.

Edit the following actions or devise your own.

  1. Before the course: determine where coaching fits in the course and what approach I want to take:
    a. Coach a preparatory part such as a plan or outline;
    b. Coach a draft ahead of the deadline;
    c. Coach the submission and allow up to x days to resubmit;
    d. Run some ideas past my manager;
    e. other
  2. Week prior to assignment start:
    a. Determine the objectives and checklists for assignments I want to coach;
    b. Write up any instruction changes or additions that need to be made
    c. Coach a few past assignments to limber up my understanding
    d. Other
  3. Week 1:
    a. Build my academic R-relationship with students by interacting with them through their introduction posts, office hours, and emails; communicate my desire to support their learning and belief in their ability to do so
    b. Communicate my plan for coaching (the parts they need)
    c. Other
  4. Coach item:
    a. Deliver written feedback in a summary as well as in an attached commented or tracked-changes version of the assignment.
    b. Invite any students with difficult challenges to meet by phone or video
    c. Watch for evidence of coaching impacts in the resubmissions
    d. Other

Modify the following examples of obstacle/action with your own.

  1. Obstacle: I don’t have control over my due dates
    Action: I will let my students know I will coach their outline if submitted by x days prior to due date, leaving enough time to ensure I can coach it and return it without delaying their writing
  2. Obstacle: Coaching will take too much time
    Action: time my coaching of each assignment, assess where I can improve, and continuously update my approach
    Action: focus my checklist to cover the most important things for coaching
    Action: create a file of responses that I can copy/paste to save time
  3. Obstacle: Students will take advantage of me and turn in late or shoddy work the first time
    Action: remind students that you expect them to meet the deadlines and may not coach late submissions; also, remind them that you are not proofreading their assignments, only coaching certain aspects of them
  4. Obstacle: I am not convinced of the value of coaching
    Action: Commit to a trial of coaching to see if students respond well to it. But once committed, know I have to follow through. If it works, I can decide to keep going. If it doesn’t, I owe myself an assessment to understand why not.

Skill Development with SOLID
Determine how you will apply SOLID to your own coaching. Will you self-coach? Ask for feedback from students? Ask a colleague to coach your coaching? Start a coaching circle? In the middle of class will you survey your students? Will you survey at the end? How will you follow-up on your opportunities?

Write your list.

Education Assignment 4

Assessments are the products teachers use to determine two key components of the teaching and learning process: what students have learned and how effectively the teacher has instructed. Assessment strategies are an important element of effective teaching. Moreover, teaching students strategies to be successful in various assessments increases students’ confidence and in return provides better assessment results.

For this assignment, you will create a 10-12 slide digital presentation to share with your students at the beginning of the school year. The presentation should provide students with an engaging overview of the kinds of assessments they can expect in the content area, as well as ways to be successful on each assessment.

Identify the grade level and content area you are focusing on, and include the following in your presentation:

An overview of formative and summative assessments in your content area

Description of how you embed engaging learning experiences into the classroom that provide multiple ways for students to demonstrate knowledge and skills

Explanation of how content area assessments are aligned with learning objectives

Explanation of how assessments are administered in an unbiased, fair manner and account for students’ individual differences

Description of the format of four content-specific assessments you will use during the school year (two formative and two summative)

Study skills, preparation, and execution students should use to succeed on the assessments

Discussion of how you design instruction to advance individual learning, address students’ strengths and needs, so all students in your classroom are successful

A title slide, reference slide, and detailed presenter’s notes

Use language appropriate to your middle or high school students. Student-friendly language is essential.

Include images, graphics, and examples to enhance the slideshow’s visual interest.

Support your presentation with at least three scholarly resources.

Education Assignment 5

Discuss how your learning style has contributed to your academic success. How can you utilize this style, or what strategies have you already implemented, when completing your personalized study plan?

Education Assignment 6

As a teacher candidate, it is important to practice lesson plan delivery. When instructing, teachers should consider pacing; use of various teaching methods and strategies; higher-order thinking opportunities; modeling, guided practice, and independent practice; and student engagement.

School Subject – Science – Earth Science

Additionally, reflection is important for a teacher, regardless of how long he or she has been teaching. Reflection allows the teacher to examine the nuances of student engagement during the lesson and whether the students ascertained the objectives by the end of the lesson.
Allocate at least 5 hours in the field to support this field experience.

Part 1: Lesson Plan

For this field experience, you will deliver your mentor’s lesson plan or activity to either your whole field experience classroom or to a small group of students that your mentor teacher has selected.

Once you have implemented your lesson plan, discuss the success and challenges with the lesson with your mentor teacher. Ask for feedback and suggestions for future modification.

Use any remaining field experience hours to assist the mentor teacher in providing instruction and support to the class.

Part 2: Reflection

In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect upon the lesson and your delivery.

Include the following in your reflection:

Brief summary of the lesson delivered, including strategies and assessments.

Discuss the role of higher-order thinking in the lesson, including any higher-order questions or discussions that took place. Include a discussion of what went well.

Describe ways in which higher-order thinking could have been more deeply embedded into the lesson.

Identify the areas that went well and areas in which to improve.

Reflect on how this experience will affect your future professional practice.

You do not need to include the lesson plan in your assignment submission; however, you are encouraged to include any relevant artifacts that will assist you in your reflection.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Education Assignment 6

  1. Concisely explain how the Supreme Court reversed the earlier precedents of separation of church and state as guaranteed in the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. How does separation of church and state affect the ethical decision-making of educational leaders?
  2. Consider why Sweezy v. New Hampshire, 354 U.S. 234 (1957) is relevant in postsecondary education? Provide a current example where the case might apply today. How does your example affect the ethical decision-making of educational leaders?
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