ENGLISH – Critical Thinking

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The Assignment:

First, please select two Main Texts (any combination of readings and/or films). Your two Main Texts, though, must come from different Canvas Modules. Afterwards, organize your essay as a comparison-contrast of your two Main Texts. Then, you will want to do the following:

  1. compare-contrast what each texts’ argument is,
  2. examine which rhetorical strategy is employed in each,
  3. and analyze which logical fallacy is present in the texts. When finished, your essay need not determine who’s text is best (that was the spirit of Essay 1). Instead, simply approach this assignment in the spirit of revealing those components of argumentation that make up the heart of the English course.

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Step-by-Step Guide for Writing a Comparison-Contrast Essay on Main Texts

Writing a comparison-contrast essay on two main texts requires careful analysis and critical thinking skills. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully complete this assignment while focusing on the texts’ arguments, rhetorical strategies, and logical fallacies. By following these instructions, you will be able to effectively analyze the components of argumentation and showcase your understanding of the English course. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Selection of Main Texts
First, your task involves selecting two main texts, which could be readings or films, from different Canvas Modules. Ensure that these texts are interesting to you, and that they are rich enough in content to allow for a detailed comparison and contrast.
Step 2: Understand Your Texts
Before you begin writing, it’s crucial to fully understand your chosen texts. Study them closely, identifying the central arguments and the rhetorical strategies employed. Look for any logical fallacies present in these texts.
Step 3: Create an Outline
Outlining your essay will provide structure and guide your writing. A potential structure could look something like this:
Introduction: Briefly introduce the texts and the purpose of your essay.
Overview of Text 1: Summarize the text’s argument, its rhetorical strategy, and its logical fallacy.
Overview of Text 2: Do the same for the second text.
Comparison: Compare the arguments, rhetorical strategies, and logical fallacies of the two texts.
Contrast: Highlight how these aspects differ between the two texts.
Conclusion: Recap your main points and summarize your insights.
Step 4: Write the Introduction
In the introduction, briefly set the scene by introducing your selected texts and outlining the aim of your essay. It’s important here to engage your reader’s interest and set expectations for what’s to follow.
Step 5: Detailed Overview of Texts
Here, you will present a comprehensive overview of each text. For each, clearly outline its argument, discuss the rhetorical strategy utilized, and analyze any present logical fallacies.
Step 6: Compare and Contrast
In this section, illuminate the similarities and differences between your chosen texts. This comparison-contrast should encompass their arguments, the rhetorical strategies they use, and any logical fallacies present.
Step 7: Write the Conclusion
Your conclusion should bring together your main points and insights from comparing and contrasting the texts. However, unlike a typical essay, you’re not aiming to judge which text is better, but to reveal the components of argumentation that make up the heart of your English course.
Step 8: Review and Edit
Once your first draft is complete, take the time to review and edit your work. Pay close attention to grammar, punctuation, and ensure your essay is focused, coherent, and engaging.
Step 9: Submit Your Essay
Finally, once you’re happy with your work, submit your essay according to your course guidelines.
Remember to stay true to the spirit of this assignment: your goal is to dissect and understand argumentation, not to pass judgement on the quality of the texts. Dive deep into the details and ensure your analysis is backed by examples from the texts. Good luck with your assignment!

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