Health and Medicine: Implementing the Chosen PICOT Intervention

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Pilot projects are often used before implementing a change into an entire organization. Discuss the following questions related to implementing the chosen PICOT intervention as if a pilot project were being facilitated by the masters prepared nurse:

Below is the PICOT question

Population (P): Elderly adults with polypharmacy usage Intervention (I): Quarterly healthcare professional visits Comparison (C): Once-annual visits Outcome (O): Prevention of polypharmacy

Timeframe (T): Within a 12-month period

Assignment Criteria:

  1. Briefly explain the problem and the PICOT question and the intervention.
  2. Describe the pilot project for the chosen intervention and include:
    a. Explain the who, what, where when and how of the pilot project
    b. Describe a specific model or framework of change that will be used to facilitate the implementation of the intervention.
  3. Describe the stakeholders and their roles in the pilot project.
  4. Propose two (2) strategies that would promote engagement of the stakeholders in the pilot project.
  5. Discuss a specific practice guideline that supports the intervention.
  6. Identify major organizational resources needed for the pilot project.
  7. Discuss how the outcome of the intervention will be measured.
  8. The scholarly paper should be in narrative format, 5 to 6 pages excluding the title and reference page.
  9. Include an introductory paragraph, purpose statement, and a conclusion.
  10. Include level 1 and 2 headings to organize the paper.
  11. Write the paper in third person, not first person (meaning do not use ‘we’ or ‘I’) and in a scholarly manner. To clarify: I, we, you, me, our may not be used. In addition, describing yourself as the researcher or the author should not be used.
  12. Include a minimum of four (4) professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal references to support the paper and be less than five (5) years old.
  13. APA 7th edition format is required (attention to spelling/grammar, a title page, a reference page, and in-text citations.
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To complete this assignment, follow these steps:

Step 1: Understand the Assignment
Before you start, it’s crucial to comprehend what’s being asked. This assignment asks you to plan a pilot project based on a previously defined PICOT question about polypharmacy in elderly adults.

Step 2: Define the Problem and Intervention
Begin with explaining the problem of polypharmacy in elderly adults, the PICOT question, and the planned intervention of quarterly healthcare professional visits. This will provide a solid background for the rest of your assignment.

Step 3: Describe the Pilot Project
Detail the pilot project for the intervention, explaining the who (participants, stakeholders), what (the intervention itself), where (the location), when (the timeline), and how (the method of implementation). Choose a model or framework of change to guide your implementation (such as Lewin’s Change Model or the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle), and explain how you would apply it.

Step 4: Identify the Stakeholders
Detail the key stakeholders for the pilot project. This could include patients, healthcare professionals, and administrative staff, among others. Describe their roles in the project.

Step 5: Promote Engagement
Suggest two strategies for promoting stakeholder engagement, such as regular meetings or open lines of communication.

Step 6: Refer to Practice Guidelines
Find and discuss a practice guideline related to your intervention. Make sure to show how it supports your proposed intervention.

Step 7: Identify Resources
What resources would be required to run the pilot project? Think about funding, staff, equipment, and training.

Step 8: Discuss Outcome Measurement
How will you measure the outcome of the intervention? Identify some key indicators and discuss how they will be tracked and evaluated.

Step 9: Organize the Paper
Your paper should include an introduction, purpose statement, body with level 1 and 2 headings, and a conclusion. It should be in the third person and written in a scholarly style.

Step 10: Cite Your Sources
Include at least four professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal references that are less than five years old. Be sure to cite them properly in APA 7th edition format.

Step 11: Proofread
Go through your paper carefully for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA formatting errors. It’s always a good idea to have someone else read your work for a fresh perspective.

Step 12: Final Review
Review the assignment criteria once more before submitting your work. Make sure you’ve addressed all the points and followed all the instructions.

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