Humanities Assignments

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Humanities Assignment

Write a minimum of 250 words discussion about one of the topics listed below.

Topic A

Leonardo DaVinci is one of the most famous individuals of the High Renaissance. He was an artist, inventor, and scientist who paved the way in many fields during his lifetime. One of the reasons why historians know so much about him is because of the numerous notebooks he kept from the 1480s until he died in 1519. Da Vinci explored several fields inside these journals, including anatomy and physiology, engineering, art, and more. For this discussion, do a brief research on the Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci and discuss one of the inventions or sketches you found interesting. If possible, attach a photo of the notebook page.

Include in-text citations and References at the end (at least 1 source).
Use APA Style

Topic B

Renaissance Venetian painter Titian’s pictorial method differed from those of Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo. Mention how their compositions differ.

Topic C

Contrast Tintoretto’s Last Supper to Da Vinci’s Last Supper. How does Tintoretto’s approach to the subject highlight the differences between High Renaissance and Mannerist styles?

Applying Human-Centered Design Thinking to Human Services and Reframing Human Services

Define human-centered design thinking and how it applies to human services.

What are the advantages of using a human-centered design thinking approach to helping solve human services problems?

How will human-centered design thinking guide your capstone project?

Analyze why it is important to reframe the definition of human services and the impact that this change can have.

Describe how you will use this reframed definition to guide your capstone project.

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