International Business Country Research Paper

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The purpose of this paper is to enable you to apply the concepts and ideas that you learn in this course and to enhance your international business knowledge.

Its intention is to complement your understanding of the measurable objectives. It is good practice on performing research, using the library and Internet, organizing and presenting your ideas in writing and creating a presentation to inform and convince others about your conclusions.

TOPIC Explore International Business

Each day, millions of people work in teams to plan and implement business activities. The activities of these teams range from creating new products for international markets to cross-cultural negotiations for joint venture agreements. While many teams involve people from the same country or similar cultures, other work groups require interaction among people with different backgrounds.

I will be assigning the Country for your Research Paper from any of these geographic regions — Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East.

For your Research Paper you must cover the below areas of the chosen country’s business activities

  1. History (250 words minimum)
  2. Geography (250 words minimum)
  3. Natural Resources (250 words minimum)
  4. Political / Legal System (250 words minimum)
  5. Culture (250 words minimum)
  6. Major Trading Partners (250 words minimum)
  7. Export (250 words minimum)
  8. Labor Forces (250 words minimum)
  9. Technology (250 words minimum)
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Your assignment focuses on drafting an in-depth research paper about international business in a specific country. Let’s break down the process into manageable steps:

Step 1: Understand the Purpose
The aim of your paper is to deepen your understanding of international business by applying the course’s concepts and ideas. It will also help you practice your research skills, organizing your findings, and writing a persuasive paper.

Step 2: Country Selection
Your instructor will assign you a country from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East. Ensure you are comfortable researching about this country’s economic and cultural aspects.

Step 3: Start Your Research
Begin by researching your assigned country. Use reliable online resources, library books, and academic journals to collect information.

Step 4: Section Breakdown
You need to cover the following areas:

  • History: Discuss the country’s history, focusing on aspects relevant to its current economic and business environment (minimum 250 words).
  • Geography: Describe the geographical features, and how they may influence business activities or opportunities (minimum 250 words).
  • Natural Resources: Identify the country’s key natural resources and their impact on the economy and international trade (minimum 250 words).
  • Political/Legal System: Understand and explain the country’s political structure and legal system, focusing on elements that affect business operations (minimum 250 words).
  • Culture: Discuss the country’s culture, including social norms, languages, religion, etc., and how they impact business practices (minimum 250 words).
  • Major Trading Partners: Identify the country’s main trading partners, the trade balance, and the nature of their trading relationship (minimum 250 words).
  • Exports: Discuss the primary goods or services the country exports and the sectors of the economy they represent (minimum 250 words).
  • Labor Forces: Describe the country’s labor market, including workforce size, education levels, labor laws, etc. (minimum 250 words).
  • Technology: Assess the level of technological development in the country and its role in business and economic growth (minimum 250 words).

Step 5: Write the Paper
Write your paper, ensuring each section is well-structured and meets the minimum word count. It should be in English, be coherent, and use diverse vocabulary and sentence structures. Also, maintain a clear focus throughout the paper and use proper grammar and punctuation.

Step 6: Proofread and Edit
After writing the paper, set it aside for a day or two. Return to it with fresh eyes for proofreading. Check for clarity, flow, grammar, and punctuation errors. Also, ensure all your references are correctly cited.

Step 7: Submit the Assignment
Once you’re satisfied with your work, prepare for submission according to your professor’s guidelines.

Remember, research is key for this assignment. Take your time to understand the country and its economic and cultural nuances. Happy writing!

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