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In this activity you will develop a presentation that addresses Global Diversity and Intercultural Issues, from a global leadership perspective. Supporting sources should be current(i.e.,published within the last 5 years).

Include the following in your presentation:
Your presentation will include a PowerPoint (7-10 slides) and a two-page (excluding cover sheet and reference pages) summary about the topic.

Discuss the definition for each concept supported with relevant source(s). Avoid using direct quotes.

Identify an issue/problem related to the topic.

Explain the issue/problem, and its connotation from a global leadership perspective. Your arguments should be by supported with relevant sources from related literature. Explain the team rationale for the selection.

Implications for the global leader:
Describe the importance and impact of the topic from a global leader perspective.

Identify challenges (at least one) and opportunities (at least one) for the global leader, which demonstrate the relevance and impact of the issue/problem.

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Let’s break down this assignment into manageable parts and provide some advice on how to tackle it effectively:

  1. Introduction: Here, you need to define Global Diversity and Intercultural Issues from a global leadership perspective. To do this effectively, research your topic and understand the nuances of these concepts in a global context. Avoid using direct quotes; instead, interpret the information in your own words to demonstrate understanding. Make sure to cite your sources to provide credibility.
  2. Identify Issue/Problem: Next, identify a specific issue or problem related to Global Diversity and Intercultural Issues. This could be anything from a lack of understanding of cultural differences, to bias, to the challenges of managing a globally dispersed team. Explain why this issue is significant from a global leadership perspective. Also, mention why you chose this particular problem, ensuring your reasons are supported by relevant literature.
  3. Implications for Global Leaders: Discuss why the topic is important for global leaders. Highlight its impact on the way they lead and how it can influence their decision-making processes. Identify at least one challenge and one opportunity that global leaders might face in relation to this issue/problem. Make sure you clearly demonstrate the relevance and impact of these challenges and opportunities.
  4. Preparing Your Presentation: Once you’ve gathered your information, it’s time to create your presentation. Use PowerPoint to prepare 7-10 slides summarizing your research and analysis. Ensure each slide is clear and concise, presenting only the essential information. Avoid cluttering your slides with too much text; rather, use bullet points, infographics, or visuals to aid understanding.
  5. Writing the Summary: In addition to your presentation, you need to provide a two-page summary of your topic. Here, elaborate on the points you’ve made in your presentation. The summary should give your audience a comprehensive understanding of your chosen topic, the problem or issue, and its implications for global leaders.

This assignment offers a great opportunity to deepen your understanding of global diversity and intercultural issues. Make the most of it! Good luck!

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