Management Assignment

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Choose three of the following topics, and discuss (with examples) how a company of your choice can use these to support the marketing of a new or existing product/service:

  • The role of memory
  • Motivation
  • Attitude and behavior change
  • Personality
  • Emotions
  • Culture
  • Mindful consumption

You must reflect on theories and/or frameworks. (Please use a company of your choice as an example throughout).

1 Introduction to the company of choice and the new or existing product/service you will be focusing on. Approx. 500 words
2 Identify and critically review your choice of three ‘topics’ from above (benefits and drawbacks). Approx. 500 words
3 Discuss (with examples) how these topics can support the marketing of new or existing products/services. Approx. 1,500words
4 Conclusion     approx. 500 words

Do not simply describe each topic but provide a detailed discussion. This should include positive and negative features and examples of these topics being used by other businesses.

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Step by Step Guide How to Do This Assignment

  1. Picking your Company and its Offering: First things first, it’s time to select a company that sparks your interest, along with one of their products or services. Ensure it’s a company and product or service you can dig into, with plenty of information available for your deep dive.
  2. Selecting your Themes: From the buffet of topics you’ve been given, pick the three that pique your interest or you think are most germane to the company you’ve selected.
  3. Drafting the Introduction:
    • Start off by introducing your chosen company and the particular product/service that you’ll be focusing on. Paint a vivid picture of the company’s background and offer a detailed sketch of the product/service.
    • Make clear your rationale for selecting the three topics and how they intertwine with the marketing efforts for the product/service.
  4. Topic Analysis:
    • Now, for each topic you’ve chosen, provide an insightful critique.
    • Discuss the pros and cons of each in the context of marketing, ensuring you ground your discussions in relevant theories and/or frameworks.
    • Incorporate examples from other businesses that have effectively employed these topics in their marketing strategies for added depth.
  5. Marketing Discussion:
    • Move onto an exploration of how these topics can bolster the marketing of your selected product/service.
    • Generate concrete examples, showing how each topic could be weaved into the product/service’s marketing strategy.
    • Discuss the potential upsides and downsides of deploying these topics in the marketing strategy.
  6. Concluding Remarks:
    • Round off with a recap of your primary arguments and reemphasize the importance of the three topics in marketing the product/service.
    • Maybe offer a few pearls of wisdom or suggestions on how the company might enhance their application of these topics in their marketing strategies.
  7. Revise and Proofread:
    • Once you’re done with the writing, make sure to revise for clarity and coherence. Verify that you’ve furnished substantial evidence for your assertions and that your arguments hold water.
    • Give your assignment a final proofreading pass to fix any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling missteps.

The key objective of this assignment is to provide a critical analysis of the role the chosen topics play in marketing a product or service, not just a simple description. So, ensure your discussions are analytical, supported by relevant theories, frameworks, and practical examples.

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