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Discussion -01: Community
What are some of the similarities and/or differences in community structure between this week’s cultures? Do these structures have any impact on their music? You can answer as broadly or as specifically as you like, but be sure to include citations/sources to show where you found this information. Explore some or all of these questions in 150-200 words.

Discussion -02: Material
When we discuss the material culture of music, we mean the physical objects that a culture uses to make music. Generally, this means musical instruments, but it can also include any other materials that are used/useful in the performance of the music (for example: ritual dress). Why do you think the musical materials used by these three cultures are different? Why might they use the materials that they do? Explore some or all of these questions in 100-150 words, and be sure to include citations/sources to show where you found this information.

Discussion -03: Your genre
Consider the topics of this week’s discussion boards: community and material. Community, the 2nd layer of Titon’s model, examines the people involved in music (whether they make it or participate in some other way) and how they are organized, if at all. Looking at the genre you selected in week 1, what is its community? Who is involved in this genre, what traits or beliefs might they share, and what roles do they possess in relation to this community? Then, consider the material culture of this genre: what physical objects are used in making this music, whether it be instruments, style of dress, or other objects/items/etc.

200-250 words. Be sure to include citations/sources to show where you found this information.

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Here is how you could go about this assignment in a step-by-step manner:

Step 1: Research and Gather Information
For each of these discussion questions, you’ll need to conduct some research to get a thorough understanding of the topics. Make sure to find credible sources that provide detailed information about the community structure and material culture of the music in different cultures. This will help you answer the questions accurately.

Discussion-01: Community
Step 2: Identify Similarities and Differences
Your first task is to identify the similarities and differences in the community structure of this week’s cultures. Explore aspects such as hierarchy, organization, involvement in music creation, participation in music events, etc.

Step 3: Link Community Structure to Music
The next step is to think critically about how these community structures might impact the music of these cultures. For instance, does a communal society encourage collective music-making?

Step 4: Write and Cite
Compose your answer in 150-200 words, making sure to mention where you’ve sourced your information.

Discussion-02: Material
Step 5: Understand Material Culture
To answer this question, you’ll need to understand the material culture of the music in these cultures. You’ll explore the musical instruments they use, any specific costumes or ritual dress they wear, and any other objects related to their music performances.
Step 6: Reason Out Material Differences
Reflect on why these cultures might use different musical materials. Could geographical location, availability of resources, or cultural beliefs play a role?

Step 7: Write and Cite
Compile your thoughts and insights into 100-150 words, citing your sources appropriately.

Discussion-03: Your Genre
Step 8: Apply Concepts to Chosen Genre
This discussion is about applying the concepts of community and material to the genre of music you selected earlier. You’ll need to identify the community involved with this genre, their shared traits or beliefs, and their roles. Then, delve into the material culture of this genre, considering instruments, dress, and other elements.

Step 9: Write and Cite
Synthesize your findings into 200-250 words, providing references to your sources.

Step 10: Proofread and Refine
Once you’ve written all your discussions, read through them for coherence, grammar, and punctuation errors. Make sure you’ve remained on topic and that your text flows naturally.

By adhering to these steps, you can effectively handle your music homework assignment and contribute valuable insights to your class discussions. Happy writing!

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