Nursing Annotated Bibliography

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This paper will outline scholarly literature that addresses the five theories: Health Belief Model, Transtheoretical Model of Behavioral Change, Social Cognitive Theory, Family Systems Theory and Family Assessment and Intervention Model. The annotation will describe the summary of the article, the relationship between the theory and the article, and a reflection on the impact of this information on future advanced nursing practice.

Health Belief Model
[Insert article and annotation]

Transtheoretical Model of Behavioral Change
[Insert article and annotation]

Social Cognitive Theory
[Insert article and annotation]

Family Systems Theory
[Insert article and annotation]

Family Assessment and Intervention Model
[Insert article and annotation]

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Your assignment is to create an annotated bibliography on five nursing theories. An annotated bibliography consists of a summary and evaluation of each source. Here’s a step-by-step guide to approach this task effectively:

Step 1: Understand the Task
You need to find scholarly literature related to the following theories: Health Belief Model, Transtheoretical Model of Behavioral Change, Social Cognitive Theory, Family Systems Theory, and Family Assessment and Intervention Model. Each theory will have an accompanying article and annotation.

Step 2: Start Your Research
Use databases like PubMed, ScienceDirect, or EBSCO to search for scholarly articles related to each theory. Choose the articles that best explore or illustrate each theory in the context of nursing practice.

Step 3: Read the Selected Articles
Thoroughly read each article to understand its main arguments, methodology, findings, and implications. Take notes as you read to make the writing process smoother.

Step 4: Write the Annotations
For each article, you need to write an annotation that includes:

  • Summary: Write a brief summary of the article. Include the main points, findings, and conclusions.
  • Relationship: Discuss how the article relates to the specific theory. Explain how the study uses or explains the theory, and how it adds to our understanding of it in the context of nursing.
  • Reflection: Reflect on the impact of this information on your future nursing practice. How will this knowledge influence your approach to patient care or healthcare systems?

Step 5: Format Correctly
The format of your assignment should follow the guidelines provided by your instructor or the default formatting style for your course (likely APA). Make sure to use proper in-text citations and include a reference list.

Step 6: Proofread
After you finish writing, proofread your work for any grammatical errors or awkward sentences. It is also beneficial to check whether your summaries, relationships, and reflections are coherent and concise.

Step 7: Review and Submission
Before submission, review the entire assignment to ensure you have completed all sections as required. Check if your discussion aligns well with the theories and if your reflections sound logical and impactful for your future practice.

Remember to use a diverse vocabulary and sentence structure, avoid repetitiveness, and maintain a clear focus on each theory and its application in nursing practice. With these steps, you should be able to create a well-rounded annotated bibliography. Good luck!

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