Assignment Overview

For this assignment, take a look through both the practitioner-oriented and scholarly-oriented journals discussed in the background readings. Pick a topic in finance that interests you. Then find two articles that relate to this topic from any of the four practitioner journals featured on the background page. Then find two articles on the same topic in any of the scholarly journals. These can be articles in any of the Google Scholar rankings, or any of the top 50 finance journals listed on Scimago. You will be writing about these four articles for this assignment.

Case Assignment

Once you have found your four articles and have reviewed them carefully, write a 5- to 6-page paper answering the following questions:

  1. Provide a brief overview of each article and also explain why you chose the article and what you found interesting about it. Don’t devote too much space to summarizing the articles, it is more important to emphasize what you found interesting.
  2. What major differences in substance and style did you find between the practitioner articles and the scholarly articles? Be clear and specific. This portion should be one and a half to two pages in length.
  3. Which of the four articles did you find the most interesting or useful? Which did you find the least interesting or the least useful? Be as specific as you can. Rate the articles both on substance and presentation.
  4. Based on these articles, what type of future research would you propose on this topic to follow up on the research of these authors? Is there anything from your own workplace or industry that could be used to investigate this topic further?


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To successfully complete the assignment, “Scholars vs. Practitioners,” and write a 5- to 6-page paper, you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Select a Topic and Find Your Articles
Start by choosing a topic in finance that intrigues you. Then, look for two practitioner-oriented articles from the suggested journals and two scholarly articles from either the Google Scholar rankings or any of the top 50 finance journals listed on Scimago. Ensure all four articles pertain to your chosen topic.

Step 2: Review the Articles
Read each article carefully, taking notes on key points, interesting insights, and any noticeable differences in style and substance between the scholarly and practitioner articles.

Step 3: Outline Your Paper
Creating an outline will provide structure for your assignment. Here’s a possible outline:
Introduction: Briefly introduce the topic and the articles you’ll discuss.
Article Overviews: Provide a concise overview of each article, emphasizing what you found interesting.
Comparison of Articles: Discuss major differences in substance and style between the practitioner and scholarly articles.
Article Ratings: Share which article you found most and least interesting, rating them on substance and presentation.
Future Research: Propose potential future research based on these articles.
Conclusion: Summarize your main points and insights.

Step 4: Write Your Paper
Begin with your introduction, providing a concise overview of each article, and highlighting why you chose them and what interested you.

Step 5: Compare and Contrast
Dedicate a section of your paper to discussing the major differences in substance and style between the practitioner-oriented articles and the scholarly articles. Be clear and specific in your comparison.

Step 6: Rate the Articles
Share which article you found the most and least interesting or useful, providing specific reasons. Rate them based on both substance and presentation.

Step 7: Propose Future Research
Based on the articles, suggest potential future research on your chosen topic. Consider your workplace or industry and how it could provide further insights into the topic.

Step 8: Write the Conclusion
In your conclusion, summarize your main findings and reflections.

Step 9: Review and Refine
Go through your paper to ensure it flows coherently, and that you’ve stayed on topic. Check your grammar and punctuation, and adjust your language to ensure it’s engaging and diverse.

Step 10: Submit Your Paper
Once you’re satisfied with your paper, submit it in accordance with your professor’s instructions.

Your goal in this assignment is to critically analyze and compare the articles, providing thoughtful insights and suggestions for future research. Use a varied vocabulary and diverse sentence structures to keep your writing engaging. Best of luck with your assignment!

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