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Sociology Assignment 1

Should social workers focus on changing the individual or the environment? Often, social problems require intervention at all levels (micro, mezzo, and macro). At the micro and mezzo levels, social workers engage with individuals and small groups to target individual change. At the macro level, social workers target broader social forces impacting a group experience. For example, a social worker could address sexual assault by providing individual case management or facilitating a support group for survivors. A social worker could also address sexual assault at the community level by raising awareness of consent or advocating for policy change to increase survivors’ access to support and justice.

In this Discussion, consider a client population you might like to work with during your field placement and how you might engage this population at the micro/mezzo and macro levels.


A description of a client population with whom you might work while completing your field placement.

An explanation of the problems this population might experience.

Two ways a social worker could address these problems at the micro/mezzo level.

Sociology Assignment 2

You have to submit a report on an organization that is dedicated to some social, cultural or artistic purpose that addresses at least one of the social inequalities explained in our course materials. NO organization outside of the US.

Through the organization’s own material, what others may have written about it, and if possible, your own interviews with members of the organization, you will prepare a 4-5 page typed report.

Project Format

The name of the organization

Description of the organization: its sources of funding, its organizational structure, whether it is a profit or nonprofit group, its history

Thesis (KEY!):
The explanation of social issue(s) that the organization addresses: You MUST have a Thesis Statement, and you must also support your thesis statement in all parts of the report.

Body Paragraphs:
You should describe in detail the types of activities the group supports and how these activities address the thesis of your report
Who the organization serves and whether the population that is recipient to the services are involved in leadership and decision making of the organization.

Also explain how the organization works to protect diversity as well as contest and/or ameliorate the consequences of inequality

stated purpose of the organization and your assessment of how well the organization meets the purpose

The most important part of the assignment is its analytic focus, i.e., discuss how the purpose, function, or other aspects of this organization reflect the major themes or ideas about cultural diversity and inequality.

Sociology Assignment 3

How has society’s view of social welfare programs changed since those programs began in the 20th century? Imagine you read this student response to the question:

The U.S. government instituted social welfare programs as safety nets to support vulnerable citizens in society. As the contemporary image of the welfare recipient has changed to an individual “living off the system,” stigmatizing policies have limited eligibility and become punitive to families who need the services to survive. At the same time, programs appear to disincentivize families from seeking financial independence. As a family’s household income increases, services may terminate before a family is able to absorb the additional cost of food, healthcare, or childcare in the little extra wage they earn. This negatively impacts families by leaving large gaps in assistance. Addressing this challenge is difficult due to stereotypes of people in poverty and values of individualism that affect the services society is willing to offer.

In this Discussion, you look beyond societal views and stereotypes to examine the effectiveness of a specific, contemporary program in serving the needs of those in poverty.


Name one social welfare program (local, state, or federal) designed to address poverty, drawn either from the course resources or further research.

Identify and explain the program. Describe:

Who is eligible for the program

What the program provides

The goal(s) of the program

Whether you think the program is adequate at meeting the needs of those in poverty

Sociology Assignment 4

Chances are someone has asked you to keep a secret at some point in your life. But what if that secret involved someone harming themselves or another person who was in immediate danger? Would you feel compelled to tell?

Thankfully, this question of when to divulge information to outside parties is not a mystery in social work. There are strict laws that govern when a social worker must report to authorities a client’s disclosures. At the beginning of treatment, the social worker should inform the client of these limits to confidentiality in order to avoid any confusion or feelings of distrust.

In this Discussion, you examine the requirements of mandated reporting and your views about confidentiality.


Describe at least two circumstances when you are legally mandated to break client confidentiality and disclose selected privileged information without the client’s consent.

Identify a time when someone broke your confidence, and explain how it made you feel.

Describe how your experiences related to confidentiality have shaped your view on mandate reporting.

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