• Consider a variety of population health problems and then select one of professional interest on which to focus for this Assignment.
  • Explore three data sources (data sets) presented in the Learning Resources that could aid you in describing the population and magnitude of the problem you selected. Consider the strengths and limitations of each data source.


In 3–4 pages (not including the title page and references), analyze the data sources you selected by addressing the following:

  • Briefly identify the population health problem you selected.
  • Identify each data set you selected.
  • Identify the variables in each data set you would need to examine the association of interest.
  • Assess the validity of each data set. Has it been used for prior studies/publications?
  • Explain challenges you might face as a researcher in identifying a proper data set or securing permission to use it.

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To successfully complete your homework assignment on the strengths and limitations of secondary data sources, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Choose Your Population Health Problem
Kick-start your assignment by pondering various population health problems. Choose one that piques your professional interest. This could range from a wide-scale issue like obesity rates to something more specific, such as the prevalence of Lyme disease in a particular region.
Step 2: Explore Relevant Data Sets
Next, explore three data sets from your Learning Resources that could help describe the population and scope of your chosen problem. As you investigate these data sets, bear in mind their strengths and weaknesses.
Step 3: Create an Outline
Before diving into writing, sketch an outline to structure your assignment. A suggested outline might be:

  • Introduction: Briefly describe the population health problem you selected
  • Data Set 1: Identification and Variables
  • Data Set 2: Identification and Variables
  • Data Set 3: Identification and Variables
  • Assessment of Validity for Each Data Set
  • Challenges in Identifying or Securing Data Sets
  • Conclusion

Step 4: Begin Writing
In your introduction, briefly mention the population health problem you’ve chosen to focus on.
Step 5: Detail the Selected Data Sets
In this section, introduce each data set, noting the relevant variables you would examine to assess your chosen health problem.
Step 6: Assess the Validity of Each Data Set
Examine the validity of each data set. Has it been used in previous studies or published works? This will help you evaluate its reliability and potential effectiveness in analyzing your chosen problem.
Step 7: Discuss Potential Challenges
Here, reflect on potential difficulties you might encounter as a researcher in finding suitable data sets or obtaining permission to use them.
Step 8: Conclusion
In your conclusion, tie together your main points and reflect on the overall strengths and limitations of the data sets you’ve discussed.
Step 9: Review and Edit
Once you have your first draft, it’s time to refine it. Check for proper grammar, punctuation, and ensure your assignment is focused, coherent, and engaging.
Step 10: Submission
Finally, after you’ve polished your assignment, you’re ready to submit it as per the guidelines provided by your professor.
Keep in mind, your focus is to maintain a natural, human-like tone throughout your assignment. Diversify your vocabulary and sentence structure, ensure the text flows coherently, and keep your focus razor-sharp.

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