The Mystery of Hitler’s Death

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Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Hitler came to the power and promoted the idea of total German rule over entire Europe. What is more, his allies, including Japan, were supposed to control the other parts of the world. Hitler is well known for his cruel policy towards Jews and those who were dissent from the regime that existed at the time. Millions of people died in a few years because of Hitler’s expansion and genocide. Fortunately, the Allies, including the UK, the US, and the Soviet Union, managed to win the war. After the war was ended, questions about Hitler’s death were raised. People cared about it because many of them believed that he should be severely punished or killed for the activities that he had conducted during the time of his reign. However, there was no single answer to such questions. Even though the official version stated that Hitler and his wife killed themselves in Hitler’s bunker, many conspiracy theories say that Hitler lived for almost 20 more years after his official death date. What is more, according to these theories, Hitler went to South America to continue living there with his wife. Thus, it is extremely hard to be sure which of the theories is right. Therefore, it is important to evaluate all the available information because only in such a way it is possible to answer such an old historical question.

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There are many sources that confirm each of the standpoints mentioned above. Therefore, it is better to begin with the ones that state that Hitler did not die in 1945 and moved to South America (Dunstan, Williams). There is one piece of evidence that helped the followers of this conspiracy theory believe that Hitler did not die in 1945 – the skull that was found appeared to be a woman’s one, and this fact helped to fuel the discussion over Hitler’s possible move to South America. One of the most important and popular sources that back this point of view is “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler” written by two British authors (Dunstan, Williams). It consistently explains their thoughts on the continuation of Hitler’s life in Argentina. According to this book, Adolf Hitler, his wife, and a number of his henchmen used some U-boats to escape to Argentina. There, Juan Peron, a political activist who had received money from Hitler for some time during the Second World War, accommodated the former Nazi leader (Dunstan, Williams). In some time, Hitler moved to Inalco, where he lived in a remote mansion that could not be easily accessed by those who did not know exactly where it was situated. According to the authors, Hitler’s wife left him in 1954 and moved to another place (Dunstan, Williams). Such an exact theory is considered extremely provocative by the supporters of traditional theories. However, the information presented in the book is controversial because there are no certain reputable sources that could prove anything written there.

Nevertheless, deep research conducted by the followers of the conspiracy theories revealed that a lot of people actually saw Hitler after his presumed death. Very often, such figures appeared in the documentaries that were shown on the TV channels. However, a film named “Grey Wolf”, which is based on the book about Hitler’s escape, ends with a large list of people who claimed they saw Adolf Hitler (Williams, Peterson).

However, most of the respected historians claim that they do not believe in a theory of Hitler’s escape. According to most of them, there is no evidence that could prove this theory (Selk). However, such claims are not the only way to prove that the conspiracy theories were wrong. It was proved that the teeth found in the bunker belonged to Adolf Hitler. The expertise was firstly conducted with the participation of Hitler’s dentist who approved that these were the teeth of the former Nazi leader (Daley). Then, French researchers compared the teeth that were found and the X-ray images of Hitler’s jaws. It appeared that they matched perfectly (Lusher). Therefore, it cannot be denied that Adolf Hitler truly died in his bunker in 1945. The skull that was found in the bunker initially was kept in Moscow for some time, and then it was passed to American researchers who found that it had belonged to a woman (Goni). Nevertheless, historians managed to prove that Hitler did not move anywhere from Berlin. Therefore, conspiracy theories appear to be unreliable.

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In this research, I will be tackling the next questions:

Why is Adolf Hitler’s death questioned?

What could prove that he lived longer and moved to another country?

What proves that he died in 1945?

The cause of the curiosity in this particular topic is the fact that for many years many people and even scientists remained unsure whether one of the cruelest leaders in the world’s history remained alive after the war that he caused.


The method for this research will include assessing numerous sources that stand for different points of view concerning Hitler’s death in terms of their truthfulness. A comparative analysis will be used as a method for the sources’ evaluation.

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The sources that will be found useful for the topic will be further evaluated in terms of the information’s reliability. The facts will be compared with the aim to find out which ones look more convincing.


The expected result of this research is that Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in 1945.


All in all, there are different points of view concerning Hitler’s death. Many people believe that he managed to move to Argentina and lived there for almost two decades. However, most of historians prove that he died in his bunker in 1945. The main piece of evidence for this point of view is Hitler’s teeth found in that place. The sources still have to be evaluated for their reliability.

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