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Sociological Experiment

Selecting a Topic

In my observation, the area in which I reside has become densely populated with young children and road users due to the increased number of residents in the area. The road serving the area is smooth, and a big portion of it straightened all along. Due to this reason, the motorists using the motorway are at most times using it carelessly and recklessly, which has posed a lot of danger to the residents and mostly the young children all around with minor and major accidents being experienced almost every week. This has happened to me once while crossing the road whereby I almost got hit by a motorist at a high speed. I plan to place a huge apparent sign stating Slow Down in capital along the roads, especially the riskiest points in the area.

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The main reason I intend to do this is because most of the people entering the area with either their vehicles or motorcycles tend to overspeed and continue with the same haste all through the area until reaching their destinations or most of the time stop signs at turns, which are very rare. I am working alone in this experiment in my residential area, but I have not planned out the date yet. The experiment is based on observation only, and the question that it poses is whether the sign will reduce the speeding behavior of the motorists in the area.

The main objective that the experiment is trying to achieve is the reduction of accidents in ____________ residential area. This will benefit the entire zone, including the school-going children who have a hard time crossing the road to the other side where the school is located. The absence of a footbridge in the area is making it hard for the residents to move freely across the roads as they carry out most of their day-to-day activities which involve crossing the busy road most of the time. The area being a growing residential zone is set to increase its population even further, and if the experiment is successful, a lot of people will benefit.

Formulating the Hypothesis

The experiment is aiming to instill the motorists using the road in the area to slow down since the area is densely populated. The sign will help a great deal in reducing the number of accidents experienced in the road which mostly arise from the speeding motorists on the road. It will warn the drivers of not only the danger they pose to the public, but also the presence of other road users, who also have a right to use the same road in the residential area. There is a presumption that the motorists must have knowledge of road usage acquired from their training in driving schools and classes. The motorists are thus required to recognize this sign since it is among the signs they were trained to observe while using the roads anywhere across the globe. This is the null hypothesis of the study, whereby by observing the proposed sign and more others along the road in the area, it is expected that the street will be safer for the road users, including both motorists and pedestrians.

As an alternative hypothesis, I expect that the road sign Slow Down will not be followed strictly by the motorists. In most cases, motorists have a tendency of being cautious only when a new road sign is introduced and after a few days of getting used to, the indication is again completely ignored by the same motorists since they may have passed through the same section for a couple of times and thus without any new changes of late. This is expected to increase the speeding cases on the road and lead to a failure of the accidents reduction plan. This is realistic on the road usage in almost every part of the world whereby the motorists have become reckless and ended up causing road havoc, which costs lives of many road users, with some of them not even involved in the roads movement but being on the outside lanes. The experiment expects that the motorists involved in overspeeding on the residential road will not take the sign seriously.

Choosing a Research Method

This research experiment applies the use of participant as a research methodology which involves observation of the actual happenings on the ground, specifically the residential area road. The characteristics and reactions of the road users are observed to come up with a viable conclusion as to whether the sign was effective or not. The results cannot be measured within a short period; therefore, a given period is set to obtain the accurate observations about the road usage by these motorists (Denzin 192). The research employs critical and strict observations all through the experiment, and the affected individuals around the road also being observed to determine if they feel safer using the road with the presence of the sign. By observing the motorists, the experiment concentrates mainly on their ethical point of view regarding the sign and a measure of how well they respond to it. This involves their view and the overall speed on the same road after the introduction of the sign on the road. Observation method also gives the account of the cases of accidents on this road together with the responsiveness of the residents, which is a major determinant of the road safety after the experiment.

The participant method was a relevant to be chosen and unobtrusive since it is simple and widely covers the experiment by capturing all the required information about the study. The method can be applied whenever there is no real data to be collected mostly regarding figures and values. The research method is associated with the personalities of the individuals being experimented in the study. This is because their reactions and the responsiveness of the proposed sign are clearly brought out by the personality of the motorists and other road users in the residential areas. A negative response portrays their pessimist personalities, while a positive response portrays their optimist personalities.

Sharing the Result

As the result of the experiment, the study found out that the sign was effective in that motorists acknowledged the sign and reduced their speeds while entering the residential area. This was at first uneasy for their recognition since they were not used to it, but with time the sign became part of the road, and the users obeyed it. It resulted in a great reduction of accidents on the road, and the public had an easy time while using the street for their daily activities. The vehicles on this particular lane were observed to be entering the area at a reasonable speed. and it was thus evident that the drivers could control the vehicle in case of any accident. The experiment also found out that most motorists strictly ignore any situation without any warning or sign in a particular place. The fact that the area had a well-conditioned road with no sign in it like the one introduced proved this. The drivers hence could read the sign from far since it was in the capital and could slow down when entering the region, which allowed easy usage of the road by other users apart from the motorists. This made the hypothesis come true in that the speed along the road was reduced to a significant level and, which is more, prompted the residents design techniques to improve the conditions on the road.

The experiment opened my eyes as an experimenter, taught how to do new things on the same road and to ensure the perfect safety of the road users. This involves establishing several crossing points especially in regions where people are densely populated, and thus, the area has frequent road crossing individuals at any given time. This would help enhance the experiment even further since the crossing zones will be located where the signs were stationed. This means that whenever the motorists reduced their speeds, the pedestrians could be able to cross the road safely.

Personal Reaction

After the experiment, I configured that most things in the public are going the way they should due to the lack of certain measures and rules in place. If these rules involving different sectors and regions were introduced to the public, most of the situations that are not supposed to happen would not occur, and people would live happily and, most importantly, safely. During the experiment, I was first discouraged since the motorists had not been used to the sign, and, thus, the speed situation was still at its high level. They later got used to the sign and finally reduced their speeding, which elevated my happiness of seeing the experiment being successful.

Cognitively, I was expecting the experiment to be easy right from the beginning since it just involved observation of the motorists response to the sign. This, however, did not turn out so since at first, the sign was ignored by the motorists, and it took time for the same to notice the presence of the sign on the road. When the sign finally came into usage by the motorists, the experiment became rather enjoyable and fun. This is among the reasons why I would like to do such an experiment again in future as it involves helping out the public and solving an existing problem. The experiment brings out the importance of observation mainly on the roads with the population around it being densely populated and frequent users of the road.

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