Restructuring Of Peterson Police Department

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Many occurrences might take place in the police department leading to various changes of the platoons from one station to the next. The protective unit of every police department needs to be always prepared to curb any form of malice and illegal activities of the public such as the increasing number of fraud cases. In this case, the proposal under consideration touched upon the question of changing and systematically replacing all the members of the new governorВ’s protective unit. The replacement of the protective unit was imminent due to the new election of the governor. As such, the move was positive as the governor in the office needed to adjust the racial balance in his elite units. Therefore, this paper addresses the imminent reaction to the restructuring of the police department. It will later expound on the changes in the Peterson police department and the general reaction from the public.

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The protective service unit has the mandate to protect the lieutenant governor and the governor himself from any aggressive movement that might expose their operation and subject them to more dangers. The proposal barred the governor and his aides from meddling in the personal affairs of the police station. However, the newly appointed governor proposes to make such changes with an aim of creating and maintaining racial balance within his area of jurisdiction and his office, as well. He proposes to have a change in his protective unit and enroll other servicemen and troopers with the motive of creating transparency and accountability without any form of interference (Nemeth, 2000). The restricting of the police department would lead to the dissolving of the entire local government entities normally embroiled in various controversies in the police department. As such, they have to reach an agreement that will prohibit any form of increment and longevity pay for all the workers that are not members of the union.

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The main issues with maintaining the status quo of the police administrators and the police department at large entail their general outlook on the members of the public. The department needs to be always superficial in terms of decision-making and implementing policies. The police director has to be more vigilant with the way he deals with most of the operations in the police department to avoid any cases of imbalances in the provision of their services. Such imbalances might result from ethnicity and racial differences that tend to derail the performance of most of the officers in their posts. In every locality, there are different people with different demographics such as gender, age, and race. However, it is the mandate of the police chief to ensure that his rule cuts across all the differences and stimulates the police officers to perform their duties with due diligence (Stevens, 2010).

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The proposal to restructure the police department aims at improving the general quality of the service provided to the governor by his protection unit. As such, many issues normally arise while making such changes. Therefore, the overall criteria while selecting the troops and the involvement of the minorities in such details together with the issue of racial balance in the protective unit in the police department. In addition, the hiring of the new servicemen has to keep in place with hiring oversight and spending decision to enable free and transparent service delivery in all the units in the police department. As such, the overall issues in making the changes aim at eliminating all forms of denigration and seek to treat all the parties equally with lots of professionalism. Such a move enhances cohesion in the different police departments (Ikerd, 2007).

Consequently, the unprecedented changes in the governorВ’s unit had the mandate to conduct various investigations to eliminate all the causes of poor service and scandals resulting from political interference. Such moves were so rampant in various police departments from the fact that most of the stations were contiguous and shared a lot of common interests. The virtue of the police stations being next to each other in the sequence leads to various controversies such as racial imbalances in the deployment of their service. It is crucial to note that the police departments normally operate according to the memorandum of understanding that restricts any form of malicious activities and aggressiveness in the operational units of different professions. As such, the main aim of the restructuring of the Peterson administration was to involve the participation of the minority. The involvement of the minority aimed at creating a balance in the jurisdiction and enforcing the sense of belonging to all the groups in the region (Gaines, 2012).

Nevertheless, the integrity of the police stations through their various departments called for their improvement through the various platforms of public participation. The shift from one governor to the next was a focus to ensure that there was a total balance in all the police departments, especially on how they hired and appointed their platoon. In conclusion, the restructuring of the Peterson police department meant to retrieve the governor and his aides from interfering or meddling with all the personal affairs of the state affecting most of the police. There was a demand for a punitive tone as well in the entire police department. All the same, the push for economic growth led to the main aim of restructuring the Peterson police department with the department’s reliance on various transitional aids for achieving their sustainability in terms of finance. Therefore, the appointment of the new governor protective unit led to the various changes and amendments in the Peterson police department.

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