Winning Essay Topics Specially for You!

We have created this list of essay topics for you. Choose what you like and go ahead with writing your paper! These essay topics will make the essay writing process easier for you.

25 Exclusive Essay Topics for You

Great essay topics can be hard to find. Writing a great essay without a great topic is impossible. If you need a perfect essay, ask for help or choose from the 25 outstanding topics listed below.

Argumentative Essay Topics:

    1. Is college education more valuable than high school diplomas?
    2. Should immigrants have the same rights as citizens?
    3. Should TV shows and movies distort the reality of life?
    4. Why politics is so dependent on news and media?
    5. How do media impact society and people?

Persuasive Essay Topics

    1. Should students have the right to use course materials and cell phones during exams?
    2. Should immigration be banned in America?
    3. Should teenagers have the right to attend a gynecologist without being accompanied by their parents?
    4. Should President become the sole legislative and executive figure?
    5. Should death penalty be banned for child and adolescent offenders?

Narrative Essay Topics

    1. Why do you think society is corrupt?
    2. Why bravery and courage are the standards of moral excellence in society.
    3. Describe an instance when you had to challenge your own principles.
    4. Why diversity and mutual respect benefit companies.
    5. Should voters be allowed to vote online?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

    1. How does fascism differ from Nazism?
    2. Is gender an issue when it comes to organizational and workplace performance?
    3. How does being a part-time employee compare to being a full-time worker?
    4. Twitter and Facebook: commonalities and differences
    5. Differences between anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa – which one is more dangerous?

Informative Essay Topics

  1. Methods used the healthcare system to promote public health
  2. Improving the quality of evidence-based care in hospitals
  3. Traveling to isolated places – issues of vaccination and safety
  4. Reducing air pollution in communities
  5. Using robust firewalls to minimize the risks of cyberbullying

Choosing a Good Essay Topic

Selecting great essay topics can be a problem because many of them have been used by other students more than once. Simple essay topics are no longer popular; tutors want something extraordinary. They want to see a paper that stands out among others. With a good essay topic, you know the direction and can follow it, step by step. Choose among good essay topics to earn the highest grade.

At the same time, when it comes to topics and themes, the process of choosing the best one is not an issue. Rather, it is an opportunity. Just imagine how much new and interesting information you will find while looking for the best topic. Once you locate an interesting topic, be ready to defend your choice. Your instructor must approve it! Then you will have everything needed to produce a brilliant, memorable academic masterpiece.

Sources, Sources, Sources

Even when you have chosen a brilliant topic, and even when your tutor has approved it, you may have difficulty looking for information. You should be very careful managing data. Choose reliable sources. Take sources from reputable databases. Paraphrase them. Cite them properly to avoid plagiarism. Consider the following options:

  • Printed materials. You can find plenty of them in your university’s library. Any of these sources can provide great information. Of course, many students today prefer digital sources to printed ones. However, do not disregard the relevance of online databases, as they contain the abundance of printed sources to suit any academic need;
  • Internet (online). Most students use the Internet as the primary source of information. However, remember that the Internet also contains falsified, confusing, and erroneous data. Choose only credible resources such as government websites. Avoid Wikipedia. Check with your tutor if you have any questions or concerns;
  • Lecture notes and course materials. Use them just as a starter. Most of the time, they will provide little information to support your thesis or topic. At the same time, your lecture notes can become perfect guidance as you are looking for a unique topic or developing an outline for your essay.

Now you can see those great essay topics are rare. However, they are possible. You may be confused or lost, but do not be hopeless. A great essay topic can increase your chances for academic success. Should you have any difficulty, do not hesitate to ask for help. Our academic writers will locate superb essay topics especially for you!
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