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If you major in accounting, you have to deal with different types of home assignments, which reflect various purposes. An accounting essay will be the most commonly given task. This paper should include a clear focus and purpose of writing as well as follow certain writing guidelines. In addition, one should always take into account the future audience because it does make a difference if your paper is read by the professor only or other people. It will help you write in formal way with numerous terms or choose neutral vocabulary.

Accounting writing incorporates a lot of assignments. Please, have a look at the explanation of the most popular ones, if you do not know what your future studying will presume.


Accounts always encounter letter writing in their work. They need to compose letters to colleagues, government agencies, customers, etc. The content of these letters can be different, i. e. introduction of changes or alterations, recommendations for some actions, response letters, contacting clients for resolutions, etc. As you can see, there are different accounting essay topics explored in papers. The degree of formality in letters depends mostly on the future audience, the type of relationship between the accountant and colleague/organization as well as the purpose of writing. There are different writing formats for letters, which depend mostly on the organization you work for.

E-Mails and Memos

Apart from accounting essays, students will have to create e-mails, which remain one of the most popularly referred types of communication in modern industries. Being an accountant presumes to send thousands of letters for the inside purposes (communication between colleagues and administration) as well as outside purposes (communication between clients). Memos are usually sent in e-mail letters. Those 2 writing types are very similar because one should take into account the purpose of writing and the future audience. Both e-mails and memos should include specific information at the top of the letter.


Accountants have to analyze different financial cases/problems in their reports. Thus, this paper is focused on the analysis of a specific issue. Apart from the personal investigation of the matter, accountants are asked to conduct research to learn the issues on a larger scope. Reports have to include a number of sections, but one of the key parts is the executive summary. Reports can be sent both to customers and colleagues for further investigation.

Common Papers

In accounting classes, students are usually assigned different summary and analysis papers. They are to be based on your personal interpretations and investigation of the subject matter. At the end of each semester, learners have to write research papers in accounting.

If you need any assistance in accounting essay writing, you can ask us “do my essay” and our writers will complete any home assignment instead of you. You can indicate any bibliographic style you need. If you are not sure which citation style to choose, please refer to professor’s instructions to be sure that everything is followed.

How to Write an Accounting Essay?

Best Accounting Essay

Even if you are not a good essay writer, writing an accounting essay may turn into a great challenge because this paper is much more involving than an ordinary essay. Accounting is a complex and dynamic area that has certain principles and rules that should be followed. The main task of an accountant is to learn how the company works analyzing the business in detail. That is exactly what you need to demonstrate in your accounting essay. Undoubtedly, presenting such important information in a clear and concise manner is not an easy thing to do. However, by learning some efficient techniques and following the suggestions given below, you will be able to organize the writing process properly:

  1. Learn your prompt thoroughly.
    To cope with your assignment, you need to make sure you understand it well. Sometimes, such an assignment can be written in a form or a letter or a memo, whereas the vast majority of accounting essay papers are based on in-depth research. No matter the kind of paper you need to complete – a research paper, a memorandum, an opinion paper, a letter, or an analytical essay, we recommend you study your professor’s guidelines and try to understand each point of the requirements. If something seems unclear, make sure to discuss all the controversial points with your tutor before you start working on your accounting essay;
  2. Spend enough time on the pre-writing stage.
    When you have chosen the topic and learned your assignment thoroughly, it is time to think about how to write it. We assure you that you will reach an incredible outcome by organizing your writing process properly. Do not procrastinate! Start working on your paper right away and you will have enough time for revision and proofreading. If the project seems too complex, feel free to break it into several parts and work on them one-by-one. Set a reasonable deadline for completing each part. Collecting the necessary research materials is also an inevitable part of the pre-writing stage. If you want to make your research accurate, you have to work only with credible and peer-reviewed sources. If you are going to use a source that is outdated, we recommend you to discuss it with your supervisor;
  3. Write an outline.
    When all the materials are studied, create an outline that will shape the scope of your research. Serving as a plan for your accounting essay, an outline will include all the important points you are going to discuss in your paper;
  4. It is time for writing your essay!
    The main difference between the accounting essay and others is that it requires using objective facts and an unbiased style. You cannot base your arguments on your opinions or observations but should back up your words with solid and credible facts and expert opinions. When discussing some situation, you need to analyze it from different angles to get to the point. Most probably, you will need to follow a classic essay structure and write an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In your introduction, you need to present the subject of your research, background information, as well as a strong thesis statement that will provide your reader with a clear idea of what you are going to discuss in your paper. The main body of your accounting essay should present a thorough analysis of your topic. In this part of your essay, you can use good citations supporting your arguments. Make sure to discuss one single idea in one single paragraph. Your conclusion is the final part of your essay in which you need to summari
  5. ze the abovementioned points and indicate the accuracy of your research. Finally, you need to present the list of sources used in your research;

  6. Revise your essay.
    When you have written your final draft, do not submit it right away. If you want to get a satisfactory grade, you need to revise your essay removing all the awkward sentences, irrelevant ideas, as well as mechanical flows. We assure you that by skipping the revising stage, you are able to get the anticipated outcome.

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Read a good sample before you start writing your accounting essay

Writing in accounting can be a rather challenging task especially if you do not have sufficient experience. Therefore, we highly recommend you to study the successful accounting essay samples that will help you understand how your ideas should be analyzed and structured. Using these samples as your source of inspiration, you will easily boost your writing skills.

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