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A memorandum essay is a complicated assignment that requires due attention and cannot be underestimated. In the business world, such memos create the basis for communication between employees. If you are not sure what is to be done, you can always ask us for quality help!

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A good memo has some core elements to be taken into account.

  • Target readers
    As a rule, a memo targets a specific audience. If your intended audience is too broad, the memo will not have an expected effect; if too narrow, it will not achieve any significant goal. A happy medium is to be found in this regard. Choose the tone of your paper: either formal or informal. Obviously, communicating with different people (e.g., subordinates, mentors, or peers) will require different approaches. For example, when addressing a general reader, you will have to include background information and avoid specific terms. Stay consistent and logical throughout your essay. Disorganized content will confuse any reader and will prevent you from achieving your goal. If you do not know how to organize your paper properly, contact us right away, and we will help!
  • Purpose
    Now, decide on the aim of your memo. For example, it can be an announcement of some changes in the structure of policies of the company, as well as some important event or decision? It can also ask or urge readers to take some actions. A memo is used to change the attitudes of employees toward a new initiative. Finally, it can praise or express gratitude for actions or efforts.
  • Style
    If you decide to cooperate with our memo writing service, you have guarantees to receive a professionally-written paper. We know what a reader wants to see in the memo. The writer will eliminate any slang, colloquialisms, jargon, or biased language from your paper. However, they will also ensure that the text is neither too formal nor too boring. As a rule, memos are prepared for peers and thus should adopt the style of a friendly conversation. Note that for complaints, the style of the memo will differ even if still being intended for colleagues. There is a simple rule, keep the intended effect of your paper in your head while writing.
  • Format
    According to the basic standards, a memo is to be written in blocks. The paper should be about one-page long and consist of an enlightening heading and consistent body. Use double-spacing and left justification. Writers working for our memo writing service know how to prepare high-quality memos. Order your paper today!

How to Write a Memo Paper: Essential Steps

Memos are critical tools for resolving various communication situations at the workplace, for example,

  • Changes in policies;
  • Introduction of new policies;
  • Conducting instruction;
  • Mentoring;
  • Description of procedures;
  • Making announcements;
  • Reporting.

Writing a Memorandum: Things to Remember

As we have already discussed, a memo consists of a heading and a body. You should format your heading in the following manner:

To: (the main recipient, include his/her name and job title)

CC: (other recipients)

From: (insert your name and job title)

Date: (insert the sending date here)

Subject: (define the main topic of your memo)

  1. Ensure all names and job titles are correct.
  2. Ensure your subject is reasonable.

Now, proceed to the body


In the opening sentence, explain the purpose of your memo. You can also list the main points you are going to discuss.

The Context

Provide some background information and clearly define what problem or issue you are going to address with this memo.

Purpose Statement

Develop a clear purpose statement, in which you explain how the problem is to be resolved and what role each recipient is going to play.


It is an optional element that is included for long memos only (longer than 1 page). In this part, you are supposed to summarize the main tasks or recommendations. Using the summary, the reader will be able to recall the main points of the memo. Try to be as brief and clear in this part as possible.

There exist a lot of memo types; however, almost all suggest using headings and subheadings to help the reader follow the author’s train of thought. Effective headings are always short and understandable. If you decide to write a memorandum on your own, carefully follow these recommendations to succeed.


In this part, include evidence that can support your viewpoint and your vision.

Remember that the ultimate goal is to develop clear recommendations. Use an inductive approach in this part.

  1. Move from the most important and relevant thoughts to less important.
  2. Move from general data to specific facts and evidence.

Organize all recommendations in a list. For a memo, using paragraphs might be inappropriate. Too long sentences might be confusing and thus will distract readers’ attention from the main message.


It is time to summarize the main points of your memo and explain what exactly each reader is supposed to do according to your action plan.

Be sure to sign your memo (if needed).

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Memo Formats and Other Details

  • The first step in the writing process is choosing the type of memo to help you communicate your message effectively. You might choose either the persuasive or informative type. On the one hand, a persuasive essay strives to convince readers of the significance of the issue before outlining their roles in its solution. On the other hand, an informative essay simply describes the situation and defines the expected contribution of each reader.
  • A good memo is reasonably brief but extensively informative.
  • The length of your memo should not exceed 1.5 pages.
  • Make sure you have added all intended recipients and selected the right date and topic.
  • The “Subject” line should be a key to your memo. Reading it, a recipient should understand what the memo is going to talk about.
  • Check all your headings and subheadings. They should be logical and insightful.
  • Reread your memo a few times to ensure that your message is understandable and your argument is coherent. When you finish, recheck the purpose, evidence, and action plan are at their own place.
  • Ensure that the purpose statement and action plan are described in short paragraphs.
  • Remember that the purpose statement reflects the reason for the memo creation.
  • The action plan explains what each reader is supposed to do to improve or solve the issue.
  • The main body sets the context, provides background information, and evidence. Use bulleted points or subheadings to organize this part.
  • You can also add a supplement line to your memo. This line will present the author and editors of this piece of writing.
  • If your memo consists of more than one file; an attachment line should indicate the number of attached files.

Professional Memo Writing Help

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