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What Is a White Paper? Definition and Main Functions

If you ask us, “What is a white paper?” we will define it as an authoritative report with an insight into a particular topic with a presentation of a certain problem and recommendation of an effective solution. The audience needs information about various issues, and the marketers use white papers for explanations and promotional campaigns as well as an outstanding lead. A white paper is a great way to discuss various issues, challenges, and solutions in the fields of politics, business, and technologies.

Classification of White Papers

  • Business benefits – a case study on potential ways to get the productivity of a particular technology or business process increased.
  • Technology – a discussion of a particular technology and its advantages.
  • Hybrid – an explanation of the advantages for the business with the included technical information on a particular service/product.

Moreover, writing a white paper is supposed to be a tool for sales and marketing in terms of commercial activities. In the sphere of technologies, such a paper can present the applications of a certain product and explain its functioning in terms of efficiency increase in the company. The document does the job of promoting the company and the latter gets leads needed for sales.

How to Write a White Paper: Basic Tips for Beginners

If you are not an expert in the field of business promotion yet, it is high time to learn how to write a white paper at a professional level. In general, there are certain general principles to follow to create outstanding documents.

  1. Choose a topic that is interesting for people. It may sound easy and obvious, but when you try to decide what to write about you will see how challenging it is to opt for the right one. First of all, you have to take into consideration the target audience you would like to reach. Secondly, you will have to select an issue that can excite the readers’ interest, such as a case study of some failure or a common problem in the field.
  2. Sound descriptive. Imagine that you are working on a blog, not a white paper. Your writing style should be business-like, but you have to be descriptive. An average length of an effective white paper is about ten pages or more.
  3. Focus on the efficiency of the introduction. A captivating intro makes up half of your success. You will excite the interest of your readers and then present them with the content you want. So, an introduction will serve as an actual summary of the most prominent ideas that will, later on, be developed.
  4. Highlight the created value. An experienced white paper writer always focuses on creating insight and an image of expertise for the audience. Being grateful, they will probably buy something from your company. You offer them a valuable lesson, so you have to include only the most interesting and useful information in your document.
  5. Work on the draft arrangement. First of all, create a concise outline with a clear presentation of the main ideas and then add the content. Do not forget to double that that the presented content is in line with the aim you have set.
  6. Do the writing and then proceed to edit. Complete the outline and then write down all the ideas you have not to forget them. Do the writing part without too much focus on punctuation and proper language. Then go back and edit the paper for the proper flow, right grammar, and any types of mistakes.
  7. Do the proofreading. Help the readers comprehend the paper better by making it clear and free of mistakes. Request for some feedback from the people you know and revise the draft to make it sound better. If you have overlooked some slips, it is your chance to correct everything. Avoid run-on sentences.
  8. Mind the follow-up and explain how you can be helpful. Selling a service or a product, do not mention this in the body of the paper.

Your main goal is to generate credibility and your white paper will help you ensure that. If your write-up is informative, you will have higher chances that the customers will respond to you. Make this document logically structured and well-organized and generate genuine excitement and interest in your potential buyers.

Proper White Paper Format: No Mistakes with Structure

Make sure that your white paper format is right not to lose any of your potential benefits:

White Paper Structure

  1. Introduction
    Provide a white paper overview to discuss the key points and help the client to understand whether the report content is of any use to them.
  2. Stating the Problem
    The problem statement can be defined as an issue that the customers frequently face. It is discussed in the white paper in line with the service and products offered.
  3. Providing Information
    The paper should contain relevant useful information in the main body as it will lead to a found solution, while the previous two parts discuss the features of the product.
  4. Solution
    The section on possible solution presents the helpful features of the product and facilitates generating leads for the business. There should be sufficient evidence for the claims to be supported and relevant. It is a must for this section to include not only qualitative but also quantitative information.
  5. Conclusion
    The concluding part summarizes the paper with the included main takeaways.

One of the main principles that every writing service follows is that a document should keep a proper balance between presenting the technical details and mentioning the perspective in marketing for a certain service. A common mistake of amateur writers is to make the papers excessively technical so those common readers cannot understand their meaning.

It happens that a white paper gets lost if it has no clear focus. It is necessary to get the right balance without any waste of content value. We will help you and get the paper for you that will provide the readers with an insight about the platform, service, or product as well as a feeling that it is among their needs.

Professional Online White Paper Assistance: Quality Comes First

High-quality white paper assistance from elite writers is what you need to get the expertise of professionals in the field of your interest. You will see that they respect the rules and keep to the standards of writing.

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Structuring the content according to standards, the writers will ensure your readers’ interest in the content you will offer them.

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Does Every Company Benefits from White Papers?

Your products are great, but you have to explain to your potential customers that they are like that. Writing a white paper, you get a tool for educating your customers and building a positive image and brand recognition, respond to the objections in an in-depth manner.

You also get a lead magnet and you can extend the circle of prospective customers with high qualifications. A good white paper has quality educational content and demonstrates a high level of credibility and leadership.

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Our company system is built on the entire trust and principle of transparency. All our writers have the professional backgrounds needed to create excellent content and get a unique voice for your company. We will sound in line with the style of your brand.

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