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It can be quite interesting and entertaining to read some interviews published in newspapers, magazines or online. Usually, people like to read them as interviews contain personal experiences and reflections, which are easy to read and comprehend. Apart from regular interviews that you may across in some media, you may be exposed to interview writing when you are assigned an interview paper at college or university. You should probably know that the process of interview predetermines interaction between two persons: the one who is the interviewer and the second who is the interviewee. The underlying aim of any interview is to communicate with a person and ask him/ her specific questions about some matter. As a rule, interviews intend to find out a person’s opinion on some issue or generally the standpoint that a person has concerning some aspect. However, interviews can be used not merely for publications but for academic assignments.

What Is an Interview Paper?

An interview essay is a type of writing task that requires one to hold a focus on different angles from a specific issue or topic with the needed argumentation and evidence provided by an interviewed person.

How to Write an Interview Paper? Basic Steps

  1. Write down the list of questions you would like to ask.
  2. Schedule a specific time to meet with the interviewee(s).
  3. When asking questions, make sure you record the answers.
  4. Provide a thorough analysis of the results obtained.
  5. Switch over to the very process of writing an interview paper. When writing the essay, make sure you provide not only questions and answers but analysis of what the interviewee(s) said, how they reacted to some specific questions, etc.

Outline for Interview Paper Writing

Writing an outline for your paper will help you have a clear vision of the paper structure. If you wonder how to do an interview paper, be sure that the best advice is to start with the outline. Consider including the following sections:

  • Introductory and conclusive paragraphs. Plan in advance how you would like to start and end your paper. Both of these paragraphs are essential as the introduction provides the first impression on the readers, whereas the conclusion leaves a lasting impression. If you have one main question, idea, or aspect that you plan to discuss with your interviewee, be sure to state it in the introduction. To catch readers’ attention, you may want to provide some situation or mention some background experience, which will help you to explain your interest in a specific question. Sometimes, it is recommended to provide some statistics, figures, facts, or even some controversial questions in the opening paragraph.
  • The main body. If you have a specific problem to discuss and your interviewee has provided with a few reasons/ aspects/ problems, etc., you should definitely rank them in some kind of a logical order: in order of importance, in chronological order (if important), whatsoever. If you plan to use some sources in the process of writing an interview paper, be sure to cite them properly. Moreover, you need to analyze some of the logical conclusions that your interviewee came to.
  • Conclusion. After you have written your body paragraphs, be sure to get back to the conclusion once again. Make sure you do not introduce any new ideas from the discussion. Just reiterate the main idea or thesis and provide the necessary explanations if needed.

How Do You Write an Interview Paper?

It is a valuable skill for students of different academic levels to know how to write interview papers. This task may be assigned to students in different subjects and courses. At first sight, interview paper writing does not seem challenging and hard since everyone knows what an interview looks like. However, when it comes to the very writing process, students may encounter some difficulties. If you need to find out some specific details on interview paper writing, be sure that you can look for some interview paper examples online. When you look at the interview paper sample, you will notice that an interview is actually a documented conversation, where you need to provide a short summary of the interviewee’s reflections and opinions as well as a brief analysis. Even though the very process of interviewing seems easy, one needs to have in-depth knowledge in order to cope with this academic writing task.

How To Write an Interview Paper

If the aforementioned tips have not helped you throughout the writing process and if you are still stuck with the assignment, be sure that you can rely on our interview paper writing service for professional assistance. Apart from helping you out with interview papers, our writers will assist you with numerous other types of academic papers. For example, you can contact us if you need help with essays, research papers, term papers, research proposals, and even dissertations.

Take a look at our Interview Paper Example:

Write My Interview Paper Homework, Please

The process of preparing for an interview paper assignment can demand much time, energy, and effort. Moreover, one needs to plan thoroughly in order to make sure that the whole process is smooth. In the case of interview paper writing, what can be even more important than the actual writing process is the pre-writing stage, where you need to find an interviewee, arrange the time, come up with a list of questions, and so on. If you feel that you do not have sufficient time to go through this organizational process on your own, be sure that you can rely on our custom writing company for help. With, you will be able to get rid of the academic overload and finally find some time for rest and relaxation.

Benefits of Buying Interview Papers

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Apart from that, our company’s experts can cope with essays of different types, specifically:

  1. Narrative essays. When receiving an interview paper to submit, be sure that there are two for how you can develop it. The first one relates to presenting the interview and analyzing the information got from the interviewee in form of narrative writing. The second one relates to composing an essay from the questions provided and the answers given by the interviewee.
  2. Leadership essays. This format of interview essay writing refers to a situation when you have a task to interview some influencer or a famous person. In this case, you mainly need to focus on the leadership qualities of your interviewee and structure your essay on these qualities.
  3. Career essays. Career format denotes that you should pay attention to the interviewee’s profession or occupation before interviewing him/ her. Ideally, it should be a professional that you dream of or some position that you would like to occupy in the future. Focus on the question of choices, specifically how your interviewee made them, how he/ she managed to attain this success, etc.

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