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Definition of Literary Analysis

Literary analysis is a type of paper writing that deals with the analysis of a literary piece. In a literary analysis essay, the writer has to analyze a book, play, etc. Such analysis includes identifying the main idea of a piece of literature, its characters, the writing style of the author, devices he/she used in the book, etc.

The main questions to be answered while working on literary analysis include: Why did the author write the book and how did he/she do that? A proper critical analysis essay answers these questions fully. If you feel that the questions are not answered in your paper, you should improve them.

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Types of Literary Analysis Explained

Types of literary analysis differ depending on the discipline. In other words, literary analysis for a History class will be different from that for a class in Marketing or Sociology.

The following types of literary essays and their descriptions will help you choose the most appropriate approach to writing your paper.

Close reading – as the name of the literary essay type suggests, this method involves careful reading and in-depth analysis of the material. On the other hand, you do not need much inspiration and creativity to write a close-reading essay.

Theoretical – you will have to rely on theoretical frameworks germane to your topic.

Historical – this literary essay type is directly related to the discipline of history, yet students are sometimes recommended to choose this approach among the types of literary analysis when they have to provide a detailed explanation of some events.

Applied analysis requires writing about a topic from a practical point of view.

Comparative analysis is based on comparison of two or more ideas or concepts.

How to Write Analysis Paper?

Literary Analysis Writing Help

In order to write a good essay, you should know what must a literary analysis essay include. First of all, you should be aware of the topic and what it requires from you. Second, you should read the literary piece to know what the book or novel is about. Finally, you will have to read additional materials to the book and pay attention to the critical commentaries. The last thing to consider is that the paper must include personal opinion and reflection on the issue.

Tips on Literary Analysis Writing

As you can see, the writing of an analysis essay requires numerous skills from the writer. It is one of the main difficulties the students face while dealing with assignments of such type.

However, here are some tips that can make the writing process easier.

  • First of all, it is recommended to pick a proper topic, which will be interesting to work with.
  • Provide analysis without supporting a specific position. You task is to analyze and study.
  • Make sure you structure your essay properly.
  • Do not forget about proofreading and editing.
  • Do not be shy to ask for help, if needed.

Steps for Writing Literary Analysis

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Literary Analysis Writing: Good Essay Topics

We do hope that our tips on writing literary analysis helped you understand how to write an analysis paper. Now, it’s time to have a look at the great literary analysis essay topics and ideas that will help you boost your writing inspiration.

  1. Indicate the theme of love in Romeo and Juliette. Why do you think the major themes in the play are still relevant?
  2. Discuss the metaphors and other literary devices that help William Shakespeare convey his messages in Macbeth.
  3. Discuss the development of characters in Romeo and Juliette.
  4. By what means does William Shakespeare manage to create tragic moments in his plays?
  5. Why fatalism is prevalent in tragic plays?
  6. What literary devices are used to show the relationship between good and evil?
  7. Discuss the common theme of betrayal in Shakespeare’s tragedies.
  8. What are the traits of history in “Gerontion” by T.S Eliot?
  9. Describe and analyze the theme of a personality crisis in The Great Gatsby.
  10. Analyze the defining features of Emily Dockinson’s writing style.

Literary Analysis Writing Help: Literary Analysis Outline

Typically, a literary analysis should follow the same structure as the vast majority of academic essays. It means that it should include a brief introductory paragraph, detailed main body, and a strong conclusion.

So, let us discuss the main elements of literary analysis in detail.

Introduction. In this part, you need to outline the context of your analysis. You also need to introduce your work and emphasize its significance. Also, you need to provide the reader with the background information that will prove the theoretical value of your study. Pay attention that your introduction should include a thesis statement that will outline the main idea that will be developed in your essay. To bring you the anticipated grade, your thesis statement should be clear and debatable.

Main body. In the main body of your paper, you should provide the actual literary analysis discussing all the important themes presented in the paper, the characters, plot, and other aspects that are worth attention. Good literary analysis always includes accurate citations proving that the writer is well versed in the aspects discussed in the paper. Your main body should be divided into several meaningful paragraphs. Pay attention that every paragraph should discuss a single idea and begin with a topic sentence. You should move from one paragraph to another very smoothly because jumping from one argument to another will only confuse your reader.

Conclusion. Pay attention that your conclusion should not introduce new details as it is forbidden by the rules of academic writing. To make a good impression on your readers, your conclusion should briefly summarize your thesis, as well as the main arguments discussed in the paper.
We assure you that writing a literary analysis paper is an effort-consuming task because it requires proper writing skills, as well as an advanced level of preparation. However, knowing how to do it well, you will achieve success.

Writing a Literary Analysis: Literary Analysis Example

A lot of students have a hard time trying to understand all the peculiarities of the literary analysis assignment. They struggle with choosing a good topic, understanding the professor’s prompt, as well as organizing the writing process properly. What to do in such a situation? We assure you that there always is a way out. All you need to do is to find great literary analysis examples and examine the tips on literary analysis writing. By using these samples for your writing inspiration, you will easily understand how such a paper should look like and what aspects it should cover.

At the same time, we assure you that if you want to get academic success, you should not simply copy-paste from the literary analysis samples. Most probably, they were already submitted by other students and using these papers as your own, you will definitely fail your assignment. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use literary analysis examples only for boosting your writing talent and inspiration. Remember that to evaluate your paper with the highest mark your professor wants to see your hard work and proper understanding of the task. Moreover, your paper should be absolutely original and authentic. Of course, writing a literary analysis essay is a pretty challenging task to do but we assure you that following all the helpful tips and secrets suggested in our guide, you will be able to cope with this assignment on the highest level. Good luck!

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Techniques We Use in the Process of Literary Critique Writing

  • Objective Analysis.
  • It is an analysis deprived of providing personal feelings. This analysis is based on studying facts.

  • Traditional Critique.
  • This type of critique is based on a collection of sources that contain information every educated individual should be aware of.

  • New Critique.
  • This technique foresees analyzing the text itself. In this case, the writer should pay attention to metaphors, paradox, irony, etc.

  • Metaphorical Critique.
  • This technique is based on analyzing of metaphors used in the literary piece to understand the text and the writer better.

  • Marxist Critique.
  • It foresees establishing an analogy based on the class conflicts. Such analogy leads to making conclusions of a social or political nature.

  • New Historicism.
  • This approach deals with literature by evaluating its historical importance and value.

  • Sociological Critique.
  • This criticism focuses on the relation between literature and society, as well as with the way literature represents different social functions.

  • Psychological Critique.
  • It is also known as Freudian critique. It investigates and evaluates the way the author thinks by analyzing his/her wishes, dreams, etc.

  • Moral and Ethical Criticism.
  • This criticism considers moral issues in the process of analyzing a literary piece.

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