September 6, 2017

Good Economics Essay

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If you want to read the definition of economics, you will probably find that it is the study that focuses on the production, distribution, maintenance, and consumption of products and services. In the modern world, one can see the constant allocation and exchange of goods among different communities. Resources can be divided into physical and non-physical ones. Physical resources include oil, water, sand, forests, minerals, etc. Non-physical resources have the abstract meaning, because they entail taxes, procedures, policies, rules and regulations, expenditures, etc. If you have to write an economics essay, most likely, your professor will ask to concentrate your attention on the non-physical concepts.

Economists analyze the above-mentioned concepts in their papers. They discuss the relations, attitude, interactions, and behavior of clients in relation to the economic agents. Economists investigate the decisions that consumers make and how the resource-controlling players influence those decisions. For sure, economists, who are working for both profit and non-profit organizations, strive to reach the best possible outcomes and show that their decisions are based on the rational conditions. In your economics essays, you will explore a variety of topics, but the choice of writing tasks depends on your professor and studying curriculum. In most cases, you will discuss the historical context of the notion, apply theories and contextual analysis, as well as make your own contribution to the research based on the knowledge you have gained in the subject.

Selection of Citation Style

In economic essays, the most commonly assigned citation style is APA (American Psychological Association). At the same time, your professor can ask you to use another citation style (Chicago, Harvard, MLA, etc.) in your economic papers. Therefore, be ready to accept the challenge because every bibliographic style differs much in terms of formatting peculiarities. If you need more information about APA style, please refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).

Key Terms

No matter what economics essay topics you explore, it is indeed helpful to check some basic economic terms that will help you brainstorm ideas. Do not hesitate to find some glossaries online and get through the key terms for writing papers in economics, especially if you are a freshman.

The Most Popular Writing Tasks

The choice of economic essay tasks depends on the college/university you study in. However, please, have a look at the most commonly assigned papers in economics department:

  • Compare and contrast essay discussing various economic systems.
  • Brief research papers, where students have to choose one economic issue and apply the recently learnt theory/policy.
  • Exam questions in the form of essay writing, where students have to reflect on their knowledge gained in the subject.
  • Reports on economics or financial review journals. Students will have to read the critique and analyze different economic situations be referring to the outside research and their personal standpoints.

At the same time, there are many other forms of writing in economics:

  • Economic articles – a type of writing, where students act as if they are journalists. They have to present a tough economic issue in simple vocabulary for the common city residents.
  • Empirical papers that focus on the investigation and discussion of economic models.
  • History-of-thought papers mainly discuss the evolution of the study, its origins, main contributors, and researchers in different countries.
  • Economic history papers evaluate the changes in economic theories, organizations, practices, beliefs, etc.
  • Literature reviews refer to the pre-writing stage of any economics essay. Students have to carry out research and gather relevant source for their paper.

If you are not sure how to write your economics paper, simply re-read the writing guidelines given by your professor or do not hesitate to consult with him/her to avoid possible grade reductions.