Terms of use

Submitting a Refund Application
1. When the deadline of the order passes, a client may request a refund during the next two weeks. In case of plagiarized content discovered in a paper, customers can ask for their money back at any time. A client must prove the writer’s guilt to be eligible for a refund.
*Turnitin with its associates, namely WriteCheck and iThenticate, are reliable plagiarism detection Internet resources. The following elements are not deemed to be unoriginal content: paraphrase, fragments of tasks, appropriately composed citations, and tables of contents. For this reason, SafeAssign.com belongs to untrustworthy websites since it primarily identifies citations as unoriginal content. Documents that contain scribal remarks regarding unoriginal content do not provide sufficient evidence.
2. Our website is not liable for plagiarized content in the papers or materials provided by clients. We check solely the sections composed by our employees via online plagiarism detection tools.
3. In a situation when a client does not like the paper written by our staff, our company’s refund manager will thoroughly study the client’s complaints. If the arguments are well-grounded, we will return the money (or a part of it) paid for the paper. We will inform a client regarding our decision in the following 3-4 working days.

4. All clients are eligible for free revisions during the period of 48 hours after the deadline. When this term elapses, customers must provide a writer with compensation. However, in case a writer consents to conducting a free of charge revision, a client will not receive any refunds for that order.
5. Clients are allowed to ask for a free of charge revision during thirty days if they ordered a twenty-page paper or a longer one.
6. A client has no right to request a costless revision if he/she altered the initial requirements. In case a client sends important information after the writer started working on the order or even after its completion, our staff will ask a client to place a compensation order to remunerate the writer.
7. A client must set a fresh time limit and provide us with additional remarks if he/she desires to use the costless revision alternative again. In certain cases, papers might be revised within one day, especially when the requirements are complicated, or if our staff cannot find a new writer. Nevertheless, we will do our best to provide the revision within the stipulated period.
8. A client ought to monitor his/her account on our site to see if any messages from our staff arrive. It frequently happens that clients forget to provide us with all the necessary sources or instructions. Clients have to clarify all the requirements and demands if they expect our writers to compose quality papers.
9. Customers might decide to prepay an “Extended Revision” service when ordering a paper, which requires them to cover a fee that constitutes 30% of the total order cost. The aforementioned service increases the period during which a costless revision is available from 2 days to 2 weeks. Revision comments and remarks must adhere to the initial requirements. However, the additional money paid for “Extended Revision” is not compensated if the service remains unused.

A Full Refund
10. Clients will receive all their money back in case they, for some reason, paid twice for the same order, or if they erroneously placed two same orders. If such a situation occurs, clients ought to address our support agents at once and inform them of the mistake.
11. Clients will receive all of their money back if our company fails to find a competent writer.
12. Clients must not further utilize the papers composed by our company in case they receive a full refund.

A Partial Refund
13. Clients are eligible for a partial refund in case they ordered a wrong amount of pages. In such a situation, the company will refund the money for the extra pages.
14. Our refund manager may reduce the sum of refund in case a client failed to pick the relevant level of paper (for example, College instead of Master’s).
15. The amount of money refunded might be changed in case the client’s initial requirements or remarks were unclear or discrepant (for example, if the instructions provided in the “Order Description” section are significantly different from client’s demands).
16. Order annulment with the writer found by the company:

Refund percentage
Passed deadline
10-19% of the deadline
20-29% of the deadline
30-39% of the deadline
40-49% of the deadline
50-59% of the deadline
60%+ of the deadline

*When 30% of the set time limit passes, and when a writer starts working on the paper, it becomes impossible to void an order. In addition, a client may not cancel an order in case a complete paper has been uploaded.
All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

Late Verification
17. If clients fail to provide a timely answer to our Financial Department regarding their personality to make sure there is no cheating involved, the paper’s accomplishment time limit will start as soon as our company receives appropriate information. Consequently, customers may later prolong the time frame due to a late verification or remunerate the writer who will be working on an urgent order.

Word Count Issues
18. According to our company’s policy, one page constitutes 300 words, not just one standard page of text. On the other hand, the aforementioned policy is not suitable for orders that presuppose the solving of various formulas and equations. In such cases, our Writing Department will determine how much clients have to pay for particular orders depending on the difficulty involved.
19. PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs). We offer speaker notes in PPT orders as a separate service. Thus, clients must decide whether they want this element to be included in their paper. According to our company’s policy, our writers are obliged to compose 100-150 words for each page of a PPT.
20. In case of online tests, as well as multiple choice assignments, we count five questions as one page. For instance, if a client wants us to answer 20 questions, he or she will be required to pay for 4 pages.

21. If a client wants a paper to be delivered earlier, he/she needs to remunerate a writer. In such a situation, we will determine the final order cost based on the new deadline, and our support team will inform a client he/she needs to make an extra order. In case a writer consents to sending a work earlier free of charge, the order will not be eligible for any refunds.
22. In case a client does not prolong the initial time limit, and a writer sends a paper after its expiration, a client can receive a partial refund. The sum of money returned will be determined according to the company’s price policy, which can be found on our website.

Order Type
23. Clients should always choose the appropriate type of assignment, such as term paper, coursework, etc. We do not provide refunds if clients did not pay for the services they ordered.
24. “Rewriting” orders presuppose that our writer will rewrite the piece of text provided by a client using different vocabulary and grammar structures, but retaining the content. However, a client must place a compensation order if he or she wants a writer to conduct an extra study, remodel parts of the text, or add/alter references.
25. Clients should thoroughly monitor their account on our website and read all the messages they receive. Effective communication between clients and our support department, not to mention writers, positively influences our performance and enhances our productivity.