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All the colleges and universities want to get creative, passionate, and responsible students in their academic environment. In addition to the successful academic performance, the students should possess certain skills and competencies to become a valuable asset in the desired educational institution. However, it is pretty difficult to recognize such students from hundreds of applicants. Therefore, they are often asked to create motivation letters that should tell more about their accomplishments, experiences, and career aspirations. Why a motivation letter is so important? Actually, in many cases, a motivation letter can become a decisive factor. As such, by writing a brilliant motivation letter, you greatly increase your chances to get accepted. Therefore, it is rather difficult to underestimate its importance. A motivation letter is, perhaps, the most personalized document you will have to write as a part of your application. In our guide, we are going to provide you with suggestions that will help you find out what makes this paper authentic, as well as how to do it right.

What Is a Letter of Motivation?

A motivation letter is a way to tell the application committee that you are a good fit for the educational institution you apply for. In other words, such an essay provides you with an opportunity to express yourself, your strengths, and your experiences.

Most probably, the college or university you apply to has a specific set of requirements for the applicant and you need to study them carefully in order to write a brilliant motivation letter. In many cases, a motivation letter is a primary reason to accept or reject the student`s candidacy. As such, by underestimating the importance of the motivation letter for university, you will make a huge mistake.

Creating a motivation letter is much more than just a formality. We assure you that the admission committee members take each motivation letter very seriously because they want to learn more about the person, who is going to become a part of the educational environment. Every day, these people read dozens if not hundreds of motivation letters learning about the applicants` career aspirations. If you want to get a positive outcome, you need to make your letter creative and engaging. You may mistakenly think that writing a motivation letter is a pretty easy thing to do, however, it is not right. Unfortunately, many applicants find it difficult to understand what information should be included in a motivation letter, how to structure it properly, and what formatting style to follow. Moreover, it is pretty easy to confuse a motivation letter with a statement of purpose or a cover letter. By knowing how to write an impressive motivation letter, you will be able to reach the anticipated goals easier.

What Is a Motivation Letter for Scholarship?

A motivation letter for a scholarship is usually written when the applicant needs to explain why he or she deserves the scholarship provided by the educational institution or a private organization. The essential purpose of such a letter is to explain:

  • What makes your candidacy a good fit for the scholarship?
  • What are you planning to do with this scholarship?

The scholarship board members usually use the motivation letters as the instruments for narrowing down the pool of applicants. They really want to read clear and concise essays explaining why this scholarship can be the tool for reaching personal and professional goals. So, whenever you have the opportunity to write a motivation letter, make sure to use it.

Motivation Letter for Internship

You probably realize that an internship is your chance to start a successful career. It may have an enormous value, especially for the person, who is ready to learn new things and broaden the horizons. Very often, to get accepted for the internship, you will also need to write a motivation letter indicating what makes your candidacy better than the rest of the applicants. To write an impeccable motivation letter for an internship, you just need to follow six simple steps:

  1. Include the basic information about you and your education;
  2. Explain what makes you unique and what skills and qualities will help you succeed;
  3. Provide some examples proving that you are able to cope with the specific job responsibilities;
  4. Know everything about the company you apply to;
  5. Make sure your motivation letter meets the requirements indicated on the company`s website;
  6. Keep your essay intriguing and engaging.

What Is the Difference Between Cover Letter and Motivation Letter, Personal Statement, and Statement of Purpose?

Whereas the motivation letter and cover letter are often confused, you should know the essential difference between these two papers. As such, a cover letter is usually written to the potential employer when applying to a specific job position. The motivation letter is often required when the person is applying to a college or university. The statement of purpose is just the same as a motivation letter. Actually, it is just a fancier way to say the same thing. When applying to some educational institution, there is a high opportunity that you will be asked to write any of these two.

More information about difference between these two papers you can find here: Cover Letter vs Motivation Letter vs a Letter of Interest: What is the Difference?

Also, you may be asked to write another type of paper that is called a personal statement. The main characteristic of such a paper is that it refers mainly to past achievements whereas a motivation letter needs to explain future goals.

Common Letter of Motivation Format

Typically, there are two types of motivation lettersthe non-structured letters and letters-interviews. In a non-structured essay, the applicant tells about his or her previous experiences, achievements, and career goals in a free form. When it comes to writing a letter-interview, one should include the list of questions suggested by the application board members along with the clear and detailed answers to these questions.

How to Write a Motivation Letter?

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The process of writing a motivation letter can be pretty interesting if you know some secrets and tips on how to do it right. We have prepared a list of steps that should be followed precisely if you want to impress your target audience with your paper:

  • Before writing your letter, brainstorm the ideas. Do not be afraid if some of them sound awkward or weird. Later on, you will be able to pick up the most interesting thoughts and include them in your paper;
  • Make sure you understand what is expected from you. The college or university you apply to definitely has a website with all the necessary information. Make sure to examine it thoroughly;
  • Focus on the strongest skills and experiences. More probably, you have a lot to say about your previous achievements and career aspirations. However, you need to be very careful. Overburdening your essay with irrelevant details, you will probably get the failing outcome;
  • Do not exceed the word limit. By exceeding the word limit, you will show that you can easily break the rules, which is not a good quality for a potential student;
  • Follow the classic structure. It means that your motivation letter should include an introductory paragraph, main body, and a conclusion;
  • Check some great motivation letters available on the web. Learning from brilliant examples, you will easily boost your writing inspiration.

Some Helpful Phrases That May Be Used in Writing a Motivation Letter

“I am applying for this well-structured program because I am … ”

“Since childhood, I have been passionate about …”

“All the things mentioned above allow me to think that I am a good candidacy for this position.”

“As for my academic achievements, I should mention…”

“Even under the pressure, I can meet the high standards suggested by … college”

“As a good leader, I am able to work in a team. However, at the same time, I can take important decisions when the situation demands;”

“I am an active participant in various extracurricular activities namely….”

“I am one of those passionate individuals, who are not afraid of learning new things and broadening the horizons.”

“I am sure that the skills, qualities, and competencies I attained in college will help me become a part of the educational environment of … university.”

Of course, you may include many other phrases proving your perseverance, passion, and dedication. Show that you are truly interested in the institution you apply to and your chances for getting a good outcome will significantly increase.

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