Acquaint yourself with Essays-Panda.com. Here you can find answers to the questions we often receive about our writing service.

Is your service confidential?

Yes, our online writing service is 100% private. When you buy a paper here, you can be certain that none of your data will be recorded or misused by us.

When will I get my paper and how can I receive it?

When you place an order at our writing service, you will need to choose the timeframe. No matter what deadline you select, the writer will stick to it. Once the deadline expires, your paper will be uploaded to your account on our website. Additionally, we can provide you with SMS notifications. Once you get such an alert, you will be able to log in and download your paper in just one click.

Can you send my order earlier if my writer finishes it?

We deliver all our papers according to the deadlines allocated. The deadline you choose when placing the order greatly affects the salary of both the writer and editor working on it. We cannot make them work faster without appropriate compensation. Thus, if you want to get your paper earlier, you will need to compensate for its early delivery.

What are the qualifications of the writer working on my order?

All the writers working at our service are skilled, creative, and competent. We never employ unprofessional writers because we know that the qualifications of our employees define the image of our company.

What is your working schedule?

We are working 24/7 to be able to assist our customers with the most urgent inquiries.

Is there any way I can check my paper on plagiarism?

Yes, you can pay for The Plagiarism Check VIP option when placing the order and you will receive a link for Plagiarism check to your account. Then, the system will redirect you to the newly created account at ThePlagiarism.com where you will have an opportunity to check any paper up to 1000 words free of charge.

I want to request a revision but a free revision deadline has expired already. How can I get my paper revised?

If you want to send a late revision request for one of your orders, you will need to place an additional order of Revision type.

I tried to submit my order form several times but the system does not allow me to proceed. What can be a problem?

Make sure you are not attaching big files. Then, you will need to refresh the order page and submit it without any files. Feel free to send your files to our support managers via e-mail or Live Chat.

Can I get my paper earlier?

According to our policies, we provide our customers with the papers within the deadlines chosen by them. However, if you want to receive your paper earlier, you can do it by placing a compensation order. If you are not sure how to place a compensation order, feel free to seek guidance from our support managers.

How can I know that the writer is working on my order?

You can check on the status of your order manually in your account. Once the payment goes through successfully, the order will have a status “New.” When the writer is assigned, the status will change to “Processing.” When the paper is uploaded to the system, you will see the status “Sent.” Another way to be updated on the status of your order is to order our VIP service that is called SMS notifications. By doing this, you will receive an SMS every time the status of your order has been changed.

Should I pay for a preferred writer if I choose a supreme level of writing?

By choosing a supreme level of writing, you can be certain that your order will be assigned to one of our top 30 writers having advanced expertise in your research field. Also, you will get a detailed plagiarism report on your order. However, if you want a specific writer to work on your paper, you will need to choose a Preferred Writer`s option. In case you were completely satisfied with one of your previous orders and now you want this writer to work on your next order, you will need to let us know about it and we will inform your preferred expert about your willingness to cooperate. Please, note that this service will cost you an additional 15% of the order price. The whole sum will go to the writer to ensure the priority of your order.

Can you complete my coding project?

Our company can provide you with professional writing assistance. However, if your task is related to coding, application development, or programming, it cannot be processed by us.

I already have a part of my work. Can you finish it for me?

Yes, one of our writers will gladly finalize your paper. In case of having any questions regarding placing the order, feel free to get in touch with our support representatives.

What assignment type should I select?

To help us understand what exactly you want us to do, feel free to send your instructions to our support managers and they will study them thoroughly to guide you on the order type that should be placed.

I was notified that my order will be refunded. How long should I wait to get my money?

This process may take from 3 to 5 business days depending on your bank or payment processing company.

Can the writer purchase the necessary book?

According to our policies, our customers are supposed to provide all the necessary files and readings on their own, especially if they are not available online.