September 6, 2017

Nice Narrative Essay

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A narrative essay is a type of expository writing, which gives writers an opportunity to write about themselves, their experiences, specific events from life, memories, etc. Usually, writers discuss events that are worthy for their personal development and consideration. If you have to write a narrative paper, you should understand that this writing task can take a great deal of time.

In any narrative essay example, you can see that it can be compared with telling a story. Obviously, this writing assignment obliges writer to describe events from his/her personal perspective and show specific feelings and attitudes towards a problem or event. In order to make the reader participate in the story, writer should utilize as many sensory details as possible. It can be done with the use of sensory verbs such as smell, taste, hearing, sight, etc. The writer should focus on precise and vivid verbs only, if he/she wants to influence the reader’s perception of the story telling. One of the key steps in exploring narrative essay topics is to show a clear point that you want to discuss either in the opening sentence or opening paragraph.

If you search for a clear definition of narrative essays, you would definitely find one-word “story.” Whenever your professor asks to write narrative papers, you should know that they must reflect the same features as the storytelling: setting, plot, character, climax, and ending. You cannot exclude any of the mentioned details, if you strive to make the reader experience the same emotions as you did. Provide specific examples with vivid details, which will make you story telling colorful. However, all your examples should pertain to the main point, which should be clearly expressed in the first paragraph. Your goal is not simply to present a sequence of events, but to show a higher context of what you would like to share with readers.

Writing a narrative essay can be characterized with:

  • Presentation of dialogues
  • Effective support of writer’s claims
  • Vivid and colorful details
  • Presentation of the conflict and cliffhanger
  • Focus on the writer’s personal standpoint
  • Usage of vivid and sensory verbs

If you do not know how to start a narrative essay, remember that you the aim of writing narrative papers is to describe something very precisely. Since this type of writing does not oblige students to carry out any outside research, apply methodology, systematize research ideas, etc., narrative papers usually do not make a huge influence on students’ final grade for the subject. Many professors claim that narrative papers do not require “higher thinking,” which is the reason why this essay type can be called as the easiest one.

One of the most commonly assigned narrative papers is a book report, where students simply have to outline the book chapters, discuss major characters, their actions, themes, etc.

If you want to submit a good narrative essay, remember about the following hints:

  • Your goal is to make the reader experience the same situation and be involved in the events. You should not simply retell what happened to you, but reproduce the event.
  • Any narrative paper should be based on the generalization – writer should get the message across by reflecting on one single point. Do not try to present a mix of ideas and raise all possible questions in your essay.
  • Though you have to write an essay, it does not mean that you should only express your ideas in any possible way. Follow the major essay writing guidelines and provide enough evidential support.
  • Do not forget to include the following elements in your narrative paper: setting and characters, plot, climax, and ending.
  • You should impress your reader with the retelling of events. Discuss specific and interesting events.
  • In this writing form, writers are allowed to use “I.”However, if needed, other pronouns can be used as well.

When students are given the choice to select a topic for the narrative essay, they usually focus on one from the list below:

  • The day that completely changed your life
  • The trip to your favorite place
  • The biggest challenge
  • Memorable events from childhood
  • Reaching the desired success
  • The first day at university
  • The dreadful experience

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