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Before writing a thesis proposal, it is essential to properly understand what a thesis proposal is. Thesis proposals refer to detailed overviews of dissertation papers that are presented to the committee with the core aim of demonstrating that the topic chosen is appropriate for the relevant field of study. When it comes to thesis proposal writing, it is critical to come up with a clear and appropriate topic and maintain proper structure:

  • to put forward a thesis statement;
  • to formulate the main research question;
  • to write a brief and concise introduction;
  • to write a literature review;
  • to outline the methodology section;
  • and provide a list of references that you have consulted and plan to use in the dissertation writing process.

If you want your committee or supervisory board to approve of your dissertation topic, you can present them with a thesis proposal and provide details of your topic, research, and the core questions considered. Make sure you format the cover page properly and make sure your arguments in favor of the dissertation paper sound convincing.

Structure of a thesis proposal

If you do not have a clear vision yet how to write a thesis proposal, check out five simple steps outlined below.

  • Step 1. Provide an outline of your research.
    The writing process of your thesis should start with outlining the main ideas you have brainstormed. This step is really important as it will ensure the proper structure of your paper and it will be logical for your target readers who are getting familiar with your dissertation project. Moreover, if you can provide a thesis proposal outline, it means that you can actually follow it and maintain the required mode of organization. The outline will serve the role of a backbone that will help one develop the current research project. Since you need to present your thesis proposal to your supervisor or committee, they will really value it when you can clearly present all the ideas and evidence. What is even more important, having an outline or a writing plan will come in handy for you in case you need to review or revise the research project at the end.
  • Step 2. Get to know the thesis proposal structure.
    It is a must that you need not only how to write a thesis but also what to write in it. Therefore, double-check whether you understand the requirements clearly. If not, be sure to ask your academic supervisor for clarifications.
  • Step 3. Plan your writing carefully.
    If you want to have a properly organized thesis proposal that meets all requirements and positively impresses your admission committee, keep in mind that you need to care for the organizational process before you start writing a thesis proposal. One of the numerous reasons why so many research proposals are turned down is because students do not pay sufficient attention and time to maintain a proper structure.

    If you do not want that to happen to you, think ahead and plan your thesis writing in advance. As a rule, a widely accepted writing standard is as follows:

    1. Write an outline.
    2. Think of whether you need to introduce any charts, graphs, tables, and other visuals.
    3. Provide a description of methodology used for your thesis.
    4. Explain and discuss the data obtained.
    5. Draw conclusions from the research.
    6. Organize a logical and proper introduction once you have dealt with the issue at hand.
    7. Write an abstract page (where you provide an overview of writing).
    8. Come up with a list of references.
    9. Go back and double-check whether you have included all of these constituents from your plan.
  • Step 4. Write the main body of the thesis proposal.
    Once you have a plan, it is high time to organize those ideas into a well-developed piece of writing. The very first thing you should consider is the thesis proposal format – it should be written in formal style that adheres to the requirements and standards of academic writing. At the same time, writing in a formal style does not mean that you need to write in sophisticated phrases – try to keep the writing simple and use clear and relevant vocabulary. When presenting the ideas, it is advisable to maintain objectivity and clarity of thought. Mind the usage of grammatical structures and pronouns, namely avoid first-person and second-person pronouns. One can use first-person pronouns only when he/ she is expected to provide a personal viewpoint.
  • Step 5. Editing and proofreading your thesis proposal.
    When it comes to thesis writing, you simply have no right to mistake. Well, at least for some major mistakes and awkward typos. Be sure to edit the content of your proposal, check whether it is consistent with the requirements from your academic supervisor, and just see whether it is readable on the whole. You can ask for assistance from your friend or groupmate – you can just ask them to read a part of your proposal and then ask them whether they have understood the main message or idea from it. When it comes to typos or misprints, you will definitely want to avoid them as they can have a negative first impression on the person reading them.

The best recommendations concerning thesis editing are as follows:

  1. Read your proposal out loud. This approach will help you spot any fallacies and problems with grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  2. Try to take a break after the very writing process. It has already been proved that a person is not attentive enough when it comes to checking the paper right after putting the final stroke.
  3. When using automatic spell checkers, try to use more than one.
  4. Pay attention to the mechanics of writing in order to make a good impression with your research project.

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