Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Our company offers a wide array of services including some additional and special services. One of these services is progressive delivery, which is especially beneficial for customers who have assignments that are longer and/or somehow more complex than regular papers. We classify long orders as those that are comprised of ten pages (in single-spacing) or twenty pages (in double-spacing). Essentially, progressive delivery makes these orders easier to handle for the customer.

How progressive delivery can benefit you:

  • All papers written by our company’s top writers and edited by our best editors.
  • While tracking orders can sometimes be difficult, progressive delivery makes the task easier because papers are delivered in separate parts upon completion. This allows the customer sufficient time to give their approval or get papers revised before they have to hand them in.
  • A longer timeframe for revision. While the normal time for requesting revision is just 2 days, the customer gets up to a month (30 days) to submit revision requests with our progressive delivery service.
  • Each order received by our company is personally supervised by a competent manager who ensures a) it is completed to the customer’s satisfaction and b) that there is effective two-way communication between both parties (writer and customer) throughout the process.

How parts or drafts of an order are sent to the customer*:

    • Assume a 4-day deadline (or a deadline of up to 4 days): In this scenario, the customer receives a draft or part of their paper equaling 25% once half the originally-agreed deadline is met (e.g., they will receive 5 pages of a 20-page order once 2 days of the deadline is met).
    • Assume a 5 to 11-day deadline: Here, the customer receives two drafts or parts of their paper equaling 25% and 50% respectively when corresponding amounts of the deadline are met, e.g., 25 and 50% of expired deadline.
    • Assume a 12 or 12+ day deadline: In this case, the customer receives three drafts or parts of their paper equaling 25%, 50%, and 75% respectively when corresponding amounts of the deadline are met, e.g., 25, 50% and 75% of expired deadline.

This service costs very little more than our regular delivery service – only +15%!

* If this method is not entirely suitable for your particular order or your personal requirements, we can develop a plan to suit your unique needs. The Essays-Panda.com manager assigned to your order will work with you to devise a method of delivery that suits you.

Ask Us for a Draft
In the event you would like a draft of any paper you have asked us to help you with, our company can accommodate such requests in the form of a one-page document. We can send you a 600 or 300-word draft (in double or single-spacing respectively) once half the originally agreed deadline has expired. So, for instance, if the original deadline we agreed with you is 6 days, you will get your draft once half this time (3 days) has been reached.
Ask Us for a Summary
Similarly, if you would like a summary of any paper you have asked us to help you with we can provide you with a page-long document (300 words in length) with all the essential points from the fuller text. Indeed, summaries are beneficial (and recommended) for those who need to present, say, a piece of research work in person to an audience.

Ask Us for Extended Revision Time

Everyone who uses our services is entitled to certain guarantees. One of these is free revision for up to 48 hours after order delivery. However, we will happily extend this time to 14 days if you need more time to request a free revision.