September 6, 2017

Wonderful English Essay

English Essay Writing
Writing an English essay seems to be the most common home assignment in all educational establishments. Professors want to see if students are able to interpret texts differently and if they can define the hidden meaning behind simple text lines. When students are assigned to write an essay, research paper, or any other piece of writing in literature, they are expected to base their opinions on the personal assertions and beliefs, which means that the usage of personal pronouns is allowed, though academic writing mostly allows non-personal or third-person sentences.

There are different types of English essays, which can be based on the primary sources and secondary ones. Primary sources are those that writer mainly discusses (the key text under consideration), whereas secondary sources include different publications of scholars who have written on the same topic. Please, differentiate between primary and secondary sources because if your teacher asks to focus on either type and you do not follow the request, you will automatically fail the task, no matter how brilliant your ideas are.

If you do not know how to write an English essay, check some samples on the web to be sure how to organize ideas and how to incorporate research materials. If you want to inform a reader or persuade him/her that your standpoint is the most correct, you should present quotations or paraphrased ideas of researchers in support of your claims. However, your thesis cannot include any borrowed ideas. because this sentence is supposed reflect your personal interpretation of discussion.

Regardless of the English essay format that your professor asks to follow, you should always provide the context or background information about the chosen topic. In such a way, your reader will get an insight about the broader context of the discussion and will be able to comprehend ideas to the full. If you do not know what to present, you can introduce economic, historical, biographical, and similar facts in relation to the chosen topic. Moreover, ideas of such kind will make it possible to give a hint about the possible arguments that will be discussed in the main body.

If you want to learn more about different kinds of English papers, have a look at the most common types of academic papers in literature. Though there are different citation styles, the preferable one is MLA.

The Most Popular Writing Assignments

Literature Review

This type of academic writing allows checking what researchers have already explored and discussed in relation to your topic. Based on the research, you will be able to develop your own ideas or present brand new opinions as your contribution to the topic exploration. This writing task does not need writing an English essay outline.

Comparative Analysis

This paper focuses on the comparison and analysis of two objects, events, personalities, experiences, etc.

Literary Analysis

A literary analysis should be based on the textual elements or the contextual aspects. The most commonly discussed elements are the gender and identity studies, political viewpoints in literature historical context of a problem, criticism of some points of view, etc.

Poetry Analysis

Among English 101 essays, one is bound to find a poetry analysis, which is very similar to the previous writing type. One will have to focus on the literary devices, selection and combination of words, sonic qualities, rhyme and themes, meter, etc.

Research Paper

This academic paper differs much from the previous English essay writing forms because writer will have to conduct research and systematize ideas based on outside facts rather than his/her personal ideas.