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Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination means different kinds of marginalization based on race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin for the purpose of nullifying or negating the dignity and rights of people. The victims of racism are often fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural, and other fields of public life.

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Gun Control Social Problem Analysis

Currently, there is a lack of effective opinions about the guidelines on the procedures to regulate gun possession and trade with the already existing policies endangering the lives of citizens. There exist social dilemmas when older individuals carry guns and difference in opinions concerning carrying guns in public.

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Social Class

Joan K. Rowling is a famous British writer and creator of Harry Potters character. She is extremely interesting in terms of her social class shift that brought her financial success and high social status.

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Adolescent Process and the Role of Family Structure

Adolescent Process and the Role of Family Structure Adolescence is a process of constantly changing the objectively directed structuring of certain qualities and elements of a childs development, mainly social and psychological ones rather than physiological, by forming the relationships and connections that already exist in the adult world and being aware of which a growing person acquires adult integrity.

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Road Sign

Sociological Experiment Selecting a Topic In my observation, the area in which I reside has become densely populated with young children and road users due […]

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